Ahmadi’s have been telling us that Rahmatullah Kairanawi also disrespected Jesus Christ of the Bible and thus, MGA was justified in doing so. In 1854, he debated Christian missionaries, specifically Pfander. A few years after this debate, the famous mutiny of 1857 happened. Rahmatullah Kairanawi helped the Muslims and Hindu’s fight the British. This led to his expulsion from India altogether. After arriving in Saudi Arabia, he wrote “Izhar ul Haq” (Truth Revealed)(1864). We have posted the entire book in the below for Muslims and Christians to read. #ahmadis have recently posted this book and others and they try to justify MGA’s harshness towards Eisa (As).

The book

Preface–About the book and its author

This book, internationally recognized as one of the most authoritative and objective studies of the Bible, was originally written in Arabic under the title Izhar-ul-Haq (Truth Revealed) by the distinguished 19th century Indian scholar, Rahmatullah Kairanvi, and appeared in 1864. The book was subsequently translated into Urdu, and then from Urdu into English by Mohammad Wali Raazi.

Rahmatullah Kairanvi wrote the book in response to the Christian offensive against Islam during the British rule in India, and specifically to counter the subversive attack made by the Rev. C. C. P. Fonder. Rev. Fonder had written a book in Urdu entitled Meezanul Haq, the open intention of which was to create doubts into the minds of the Muslims about the authenticity of the Qur’an and Islam.

Kairanvi’s intention in his book was first of all to show that the Bible cannot in any way be considered as a directly revealed book. He does this very effectively by means of his voluminous and authoritative knowledge of the Jewish and Christian scriptures. He demonstrates beyond doubt that the Books of the Old and New Testaments have been altered, almost beyond recognition, from their original forms. The work is even more notable in the light of subsequent Jewish and Christian scholarship and the various discoveries that have since been made in this field which all bear out the truth of Kairanvi’s thesis.


These are nothing but names

Which ye have devised

-ye and your Fathers –

for which God has sent down

no authority whatsoever .(Qur`an:53:23)

The books of the Bible are divided by the Christians into two main parts:

The Old Testament and The New Testament.

The books of the Old Testament are claimed to have been received through the Prophets who were prior to the Prophet Jesus, the Messiah. The books of the New Testament are believed to have been written through inspiration after Jesus.

All the books of the Old and the New Testament together are called Bible. Bible is a Greek word which means `book`

Both the Testaments are further subdivided into two parts. The first part of the Old Testament is believed to be authentic by almost all the ancient Christians, while the authenticity of the other parts is held to be doubtful and controversial.

The Divisions Of The Old Testament
The Divisions Of The New Testament
Review Of The Books By the Councils
The Books Rejected By The Protestants
The Absence Of Certainty In The Bible
The Present Pentateuch Is Not The Book Of Moses
Errors In The Calculation Of The Israelites’s Number
Status Of The Books In The Old Testament
The New Testament And The Status Of The Four Gospels
The Epistles And The Revelation

  Part-2, contradictions and errors

Contradictions 1 – 32
Contradictions 33 – 45
Contradictions 46 – 75
Contradictions 76 – 96
Contradictions 97 – 119
Errors 1 – 35
Errors 36 – 55
Errors 56 – 83
Errors 84 – 110



The Biblical Texts :  Are they revealed

The Opinion Of The Muslim Scholar

Human Distortion of the Bible.

Refutation of Misleading Protestant Statements Regarding the Authenticity of the Bible



Chapter One :  The Holy QUR’AN


Chapter Two :  Christians Objections To The Holy QUR’AN


Chapter Three :  Authenticity of The Holy Traditions (HADITH)

Razi ullah Noman accused Rahmatullah Kairanaw of the following statements, however, we haven’t confirmed them as of yet


Maulawi Rahmatullah Muhajir Mecci, who was a learned scholar of the Sunni Muslims wrote in his book called Izalah Auham: “Most of the miracles attributed to Jesus cannot be considered as miracles because magicians could also perform such feats. That is why the Jews do not accept him as a prophet and they consider his miracles as those of a magician (This is from Izala Auham of Maualwi Rahmatullah Muhajir Mecci on page 129)


The same author states: The Messiahas himself affirms that John, peace be upon him, neither ate bread, nor did he consume wine (Luke 7:33), and that John, Peace be upon him, lived in the wilderness(Mark 1:4) But Jesus was accompanied in his journeys by several women(Matthew 27:55-57, and Luke 8:1-3) who used to provide for him out of their earnings(Luke 8:3); prostitutes used to kiss his feet (John 11:5); Martha and Mary (Magdalene) were his friends (John 11:5); and he drank wine and offered it to others (John 2: 1-11) (Page 370 of the same book quoted above)


And: And…Judah committed adultery with the wife of his son, consequently she became pregnant and gave birth to Perez who was among the forefathers of David, Solomon, and Jesus Peace be upon them (Page 404, quoted with Genesis 38:12:29 and Matthew 1:2-6)


Furthermore, Maulvi Al-e-Hassan writes:


“And reflect a bit on your own pathetic condition. God forbid! In the geneology of the mother of Jesus you yourself admit of acts of adultery on two occasions (page 73 of Istifsar quoted with Genesis 38:12-29, Mathew 1:3-4, Samual chapters 11 and 12)


“Secondly Jesus used to call his opponents dogs (Matthew 7:6). Therefore, if we call his opponents dogs, it would not be against moral civility; in doing so we shall be exactly following Jesus” (page 98)


“Jesus at last left this world, having lived a miserable life here” (page 336)


“Jesus said that foxes have holes and birds have nests but for him there is no place to lay his head (Matthew 8:20). Now this is a poetic exaggeration. It is extremely deplorable to complain of hardships of mundane life (page 349)


“The religion and faith of them (Christian Padres) is that God, having become a fetus in the wom of Mary, nourished himself for months with menstrual blood, then he grew into a shapeless lump from the clot of blood, later from this shapeless lump, he grew into flesh and bones. Then he came out of her vaginal tract, excreted urine and faces. On becoming of age he became a disciple of his own servant (John the Baptist) and at the end he remained in hell for three days having been cursed by God” (pages 350-351)


“In chapter eleven verse nineteen of first Gospel (Matthew) it is written (That Jesus) was a glutton and a wine drinker (page 353, see Matthew 11:18-19 for the verse)


The founder of the Barelwi firqha of the Sunni Muslims, Maulana Maulawi Shah Ahmad Raza Khan Barelwi, who is respected worldwide stated:

Al-‘Ataya An-Nabawiyyah Fil-Fatawa Ar-Radwiyyah’, Vol. 1, Pages 740-741 Kitabul Taharah Babu Al-tayammum, Publisher: Sheikh Ghulam Ali & Sons, Lahore.

“Yes, yes! The God of the Christians, after getting killed by those he had created, went to his father, but he threw him into hell—and that is how he bestowed on him and showed appreciation for his suffering and sinlessness. In place of others (who have committed sins), he roasted him (his innocent son) for three days in hell. (Jesus is a god) who eats bread and meat and on his return from his journey, having got his feet washed, he rests under a tree- the tree is higher and he is lower. (God the father) is such that his son invests majesty in him. The mother of the god of Aryas (which is a Hindu sect) used to protect the life of her son, but the son of god of Christians bestows honour on his father—and why not sons are meant to be gracious to their fathers! How unjust and ungrateful is the father, who in spite of everything throws his son, without any fault of his, into hell. The Christian god is treacherous and regretful. He has two consorts who are both confirmed adulterous and inveterate prostitutes. He is a god for whom the earnings from adultery and expenditure of a prostitute are perfectly sanctified and pure (i.e to him the money prostitutes earn and spend on him his pure).””
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