Muhammed Chaudhry and his family immigrated to the South Bay, California (San Jose area) in the mid-1980’s. His father is a fanatical member of the Ahmadiyya cult community. He raised Muhammed Chaudhry to also be fanatical as such. He kissed up and got appointed to many key positions in the youth corps of the Ahmadiyya cult (MKA) and worked his way up politically. After the Ahmadi mega-donor Kareem Ahmad donated 1 million to the Obama campaign, Muhammed Chaudhry was allowed to sit next to President Obama at a dinner. He was working at the Silicon Valley Education Foundation and was masquerading as someone who was bringing education to the youth. He lost his job soon thereafter, and its unclear where he is working at now. Nevertheless, he continues to work with the Ahmadiyya cult community and lies about their plight to many congressman and etc.

Job history

Silicon Valley Education Foundation

Dear SVEF Family,

September 4, 2001 was no ordinary day. It was the day we started building something special. We didn’t have much of a budget, many staff members, or even a facility—but we had parents and teachers who believed in us. Back then SVEF was the Franklin McKinley Education Foundation. We worked out of a trailer surrounded by a barbed wire fence, and few thought we’d amount to much of anything. Fast-forward 16 years and SVEF sits in a state of the art facility, we’ve raised over $100 million dollars, we have a team that’s as good as any tech company in Silicon Valley, and we’ve impacted tens of thousands of children and families. The donors, SVEF’s board, our Staff, and our partners all played critical roles in our success. But I have a special place in my heart for our parents, students, and teachers.

Verily, my greatest gratitude is to our parents, students, and teachers. You trusted us to provide a voice for education in Silicon Valley and beyond. You trusted SVEF with me at the helm to integrate education technology into our schools. As we catapult into the 21st century, education technology has changed the way students learn. You trusted us to come into your schools, your classrooms, and even your homes and together we accelerated student achievement. Your children were the early adopters in true Silicon Valley fashion. They gave up their summers, evenings, and weekends to improve themselves, and to improve our Elevate[Math] curriculum. My faith teaches about the priceless value of charity that is ongoing—and the sacrifices your children made will contribute ongoing benefits to young children for generations. On a personal level, as my twins Dania and Momin enter the first grade, the investments your children made will directly impact them in every year of their schooling going forward. Words cannot express my gratitude to you for your trust, collaboration, and time.

Every so often you get to build something special in life, and I can say with confidence that we’ve built something truly special at SVEF. We received countless accolades for our service, including special recognition from President Obama at a White House reception. And while there’s never a right time to leave, after 16 years I’m confident this is the right time to transition and apply what I have learned from all of you to new challenges. While I am resigning as President and CEO of SVEF, I’ll never truly be apart from the SVEF family. Our organization is strong, sound, and has consistently upheld the highest standards. We have an outstanding Board of Directors, excellent leadership team and generous donors who I am confident will continue to build on the great work we have achieved to date. Most importantly, SVEF is surrounded by the best teachers in the country, and the most dedicated students and parents I’ve ever had the privilege of working with.

For the last 16 years I’ve cherished our relationships, and I will continue to be as accessible as I’ve always been. Be in touch, and I look forward to our paths crossing again in the future—perhaps even in a walking meeting. Here’s to building something special today, tomorrow, and beyond.
2018 to 2020

Board of Managers

Company Name

Religion News Service

Dates Employed Jul 2018 – Present

Employment Duration3 yrs 1 mo

LocationWashington D.C. Metro Area

Religion News Service (RNS) is an independent, nonprofit and award-winning source of global news on religion, spirituality, culture and ethics, reported by a staff of professional journalists. Founded in 1934, RNS seeks to inform readers with objective reporting and insightful commentary, and is relied upon by secular and faith-based news organizations in a number of countries. RNS is affiliated with Religion News Foundation and the Missouri School of Journalism at the University of Missouri. To learn more, visit


Chairman Of The Board

Company Name

Horizon Education

Dates Employed: Jul 2020 – Present

Employment Duration1 yr 1 mo

Location: Newport Beach, California, United States


Board Member and Advisor

Company Name

zSpace, Inc. Part-time

Dates EmployedJan 2021 – Present

Employment Duration7 mos

Location: San Jose, California, United States

zSpace® improves STEM and CTE performance by delivering zSpace Experiential Learning™ with AR/VR, anywhere, anytime. More than a million students have benefited from learning with zSpace in preparing for success in college and careers. A privately held, venture-backed company located in Silicon Valley, it has more than 50 patents. zSpace was named “Cool Vendor” by Gartner, Inc., “Best in Show at ISTE” by Tech & Learning Magazine for three consecutive years and ranked two years in a row on the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing companies.



Muhammed Chaudhry

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