MGA hated his cousin so much so that he openly called his widowed wife as a prostitute (kanachi) even after his cousin died (1902). This woman who would be considered MGA’s elder sister (in village environment). This woman that he is calling a prostitute would eventually become the great grandmother of Asifa Begum. Who was married to Mirza Tahir ahmad in 1957. Listen to Zia Rasool from the Aaqa ka Ghulam youtube channel explaining this entire scenario (at the 4:00 minute mark).

She famously died in 1992 and Mirza Tahir Ahmad lived out his remaining 11 years. She died of pancreatic cancer on April 3rd, 1992. She was roughly 8 years younger than Mirza Tahir Ahmad, and thus born in 1938. She was barely 54 when she died.

It seems that in 1935, when the first edition of Tadhkirah was collected, this specific reference was found in MGA’s secret diary and authenticated by Mirza Bashir Ahmad and his team. This remained in the next 3 editions of Urdu Tadhkirah (1965, 1969, and 2004). However, as we look at the newest edition, the 2006 downloadable Urdu edition, the entire quote is missing, it was totally erased by Mirza Masroor Ahmad’s team (See the scans in the below). The urdu word for prostitute is Kanchni.

They didn’t stop there, the word was always translated as prostitute (see the 1976 english edition of Tadhkirah and the 2004 hard copy of Tadhkirah, see the scan in the below). In the 2006 and 2009 editions of Tadhkirah (english), the entire quote was totally removed, however, in the 2018-2019 edition of Tadhkirah (english) the quote is back, however, the word prostitute now reads as courtesan.

______________________________________________________________________________________________Previous editions of Urdu Tadhkirah, showing the quotes

In Urdu Mirza writes:

“”Subha peer kay Din 15 January 1906 ko main nay khuwab main dekha kay Imam Uddin ki kanachi biwi giri pari huwi hain””

The 1976 english edition of Tadhkirah, page 338

Tadhkirah, 2004 online english edition, MGA called his cousins wife as a Hooker

It should be remembered, Ahmadiyya leadership created the PDF version of the 2004 edition of Tadhkirah in 2006 and purposely deleted this entire ilham, they also omitted it from the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah. The scan that we have posted is in-fact from the 2004 edition of Tadhkirah in “book-form”. The PDF was generated in 2006. This quote can also be found in the 1976 english translation of Tadhkirah, which was done by Muhammad Zafrullah Khan.

“On Monday morning I saw in my dream that Imamud Din’s wife, who had been a prostitute, had fallen down.” (Diary of the Promised Messiah p. 12). Quoted in Tadhkirah, 2004 edition.

Tadhkirah, 2004 edition, MGA called his cousins wife as a Prostitute–SCAN

2004 Urdu edition of Tadhkirah

2006 english PDF of Tadhkirah

The entire quote is missing.
2006 Urdu PDF of Tadhkirah

The entire quote is missing.
2009 english edition of Tadhkirah

The entire quote is missing.
2018-2019 new english online edition

This is from the 2018-2019 edition of Tadhkirah
See page 815

“”””January 15, 1906
On the morning of Monday, January 15, 1906, I saw in a dream that the courtesan wife of Imam-ud-Din is laying fallen. [Notebook of the Revelations of the Promised Messiah as, p. 62]”””
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The Mirza Tahir Ahmad connection?

“”””On 14 October 1957, Hadhrat Sahibzada Mirza Tahir Ahmad Sahib returned to Pakistan and on 5 December 1957, his Nikah was announced with Hadhrat Syeda Asifa Begum Sahiba, the daughter of Amatul Salam Sahiba and Sahibzada Mirza Rashid Ahmad Sahib.”””


Page 22

Download it here: The life of Mirza Tahir Ahmad

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Read my additional entries on Ahmadis editing the writings of MGA

What is the Diary of MGA?

I have found references to this diary as early as the 1915-era, as the newly crowned Khalifa, Mirza Bashir-uddin Mahmud Ahmad quoting it vs. the Lahori ceders. However, it seemed to have magically appeared to the Khalifa, it was missing for many years. It is most likely a fraud, concocted by the family of MGA.
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