We have found the 2nd edition of Seeratul Mahdi (1935), it seems to have had at least 3 volumes, we have posted vol 1 and 3 in the below. It was published from Qadian, from the house of Fakhr-uddin Multani, he seems to have owned a printing press “Ahmadiyya Book House” (Ahmadiyya Ghar house). Fakhr-uddin Multani left Ahmadiyya 2 years later and was killed in broad daylight in Qadian, right after the Friday prayer.

On the second page, it is written that Maulvi Sher Ali helped Mirza Bashir Ahmad with this collection, and it is better then the previous edition (and has many additions)(the 1923 edition).

Ahmadi’s are editing the books of MGA all the time. They even edited Seeratul Mahdi from the 1935 edition to the 2008 edition in terms of MGA’s diarrhea spilling all around his bed.
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Seeratul_Mahdi_1935 edition, 2nd, Vol.1, narrations run from 1–304.

Seeratul_Mahdi_, April 1939, Vol-3, Narrations run from 472 -975.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________1935 edition

Seeratul Mahdi narration 12 from the older edition: Mirza Qadiani did his business next to his bed (see underlined part).

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The 1923 edition of Seeratul Mahdi

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They edited Seeratul Mahdi in terms of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s diarrhea next to his bed spilling and etc

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