As we continue to go through Ahmadiyya literature, it had come to out attention that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad never seems to have taken a bath, not even on Friday’s, which is sunna in most cases. We have not seen a single story of how Mirza Ghulam Ahmad did wudhu and now we don’t have a single story of MGA taking a bath. It should also be noted that MGA would wear heavy clothing during the extreme hot summer months in Qadian. MGA also bragged about wearing 2 yellow garments, and his excessive urination problem, you can thus visualize the lower garment being yellow. We also add that MGA had a severe diarrhea problem.

We have found a story wherein MGA tells his son that Noorudin doesn’t take proper bath’s per Sahih Bukhari, the story is in the below. We have also posted stories wherein MGA would use hot water after diarrhea.

We have also found a report (see in the below, reported by Mufti Muhammad Sadiq in the 1920’s)) wherein MGA was having a conversation with Shaikh Rahmatullah (who would become a Lahori-Ahmadi in 1914) wherein MGA clearly told Shaikh Rahmatullah that he only changes clothes once a week.

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See seeratul Mahdi part two page 304
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(328) Hazrat Khalifatul Maseeh Al sani ( Mirza Bashiruddin) stated that during the life time of Hazrat sb (MGAQ) i used to learn Hadees from Khalifa Awwal Hazrat Molvi Nooruddin. Once at home, Hazrat sb asked me, Mian what do u learn from Molvi sahab nowadays ? I said i learn Bukhari sharif from Molvi sahab. Hazrat sb said smiling, Mian ask Molvi sb if Bukhari sharif mentions some where about taking bath ?

This humble self states that Hazrat Molvi sahab was careless about taking bath. He was also not inclined towards changing dresses at regular shorter intervals. Therefore, in order to draw the attention of Molvi Sahab toward this, Hazrat sahab said like this.


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MGA using hot water to clean himself after diarrhea


MGA punishing Safiya Begum
Story number 1349, Seeratul Mahdi, Vol. 5 page 214

“Safiya Begum Sahiba Shahjahanpuri wife of Sheikh Ghulam Ahmad nau Muslim wise mujahid wrote by letter from the Lajna Imaillah Qadian that once Huzoor (as) said to me “Safiya! Put the hot water from the lota in the washroom!” I (accidentally) put a little bit hotter water. When Huzoor (as) came out he said to me, “put the backside of your hand forward!” and he started pouring the water and kept laughing. Then he said, “Does the water feel hot?” I said it does. He said, “water as hot as this should not be placed.”


A similar story of MGA pouring hot water on his toilet attendant

Seeratul Mahdi: Volume 1, Page 758, Narration # 847] (Direct Link to the Book)



               “Mother of Aziz Zafar Ahmad narrated that Hadrat Maseeh Maud (Mirza Ghulam Qadiani) usually used warm water in order to clean himself in the toilet and did not use cool water. One day Mirza Ghulam Qadiani was going to toilet for call of nature so he ordered one of the maid to put water in the vessel and take it to the toilet. The maid mistakenly put very hot water in the vessel. When Mirza Ghulam Qadiani came out of the toilet he asked who brought the vessel in the toilet? When Mirza Ghulam Qadiani was informed that a certain maid had kept it, he told the servant to extend her hands. Then he poured all the remaining Hot Water on her hands so that she could realize that such hot water could not be used for cleaning (the feces). He did not say anything else to her (after pouring hot water on her hands).”


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