It seems that there isn’t one story about Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and wudhu. This is strange, it seems that MGA never did wudhu, nor did he bathe on Friday’s (which is Sunna). We have went through Ahmadiyya literature and fail to find example of MGA bathing or performing wudhu. We also know that MGA would wear big jackets in the summer time (which is brutal in Qadian), and MGA claimed to have yellow garments, based on his urination, diabetes, dizziness, diarrhea and many others.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Ruhani khazyian – 9- / page 420-/ Noor Ul Quran 2

Summary of this quote:

MGA is talking about “wudhu” (ablution) in the start and the philosophy that either sins can be forgiven by “wudhu” or not. While talking about “wudhu” he forgets to mention the forehead, while he mentions that “wudhu” is only cleaning of face, feet and hands. The cleaning (massah) of forehead is a obligatory part which MGA didn’t mentioned. He specifically used the word “only”. In urdu, it would be “SIRF”.

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