After MGA died in Lahore on May-26th, 1908, Ahmadiyya sources immediately denied that MGA died of cholera and instead claimed that he died of diarrhea. This Khutbah by Noorudin was his second friday sermon after becoming the Khalifa at Qadian, in it, he says MGA might have died of cholera, he also floats the idea that MGA died of cholera, and then calls MGA’s death as a death of a martyr.

In the mid-1880’s, Lekh Ram predicted that MGA would die of diarrhea, in his book, Takzeeb-Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya, Vol.-1, see the reference in the below.

However, did MGA ever publicly admit to having chronic diarrhea? We know that MGA admitted to having diabetes, vertigo and hysteria, excessive urination (100 times a day). Nevertheless, ahmadi sources only report MGA suffering diarrhea once, that was in 1903, it was never reported before or after. Thus, we have a contradiction. The reference is posted in the below. In fact, in 1903, via “Tadhkiratu-Shahadatain”, MGA was claiming that one of his ailments were diarrhea. MGA even referenced the famous hadith which claimed that the Esa (As) would descend wearing two yellow garments and referred to his diabetes and diarrhea and headaches.

After 1908, Ahmadi sources began to assert that MGA had been suffering from diarrhea his entire life. In 1915, via the Khalifa, (Mirza Basheer uddin Mahmud Ahmad) MGA suffered from chronic diarrhea, this was step-2 of the cover-up.

Another cover-up job, in 1940, (via the Lahori-Ahmadi’s and Dr. Basharat Ahmad in Mujadid e Azim), MGA suffered from diarrhea every time he sat down to write._____________________________________________________________________________________________
MGA and diarrhea?


MGA and Lekh Ram entered into the death prophecy in 1886-1887. This is the proof. Lekh ram wrote as-follows:

Takzeeb-Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya, Vol.-1 :

“””This person will die of diarrhea within three years and none of his offspring will survive.””” (see the offical website of Ahmadiyya, retrieved on 11-9-16,

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad re-issued the Lekh Ram prophecy, after it expired


al-Hakam, vol. 7, no. 11, March 24, 1903, p. 6], Via Tadhkirah
March 1903
During several illnesses I have tried and found that God’s grace descended by supplication alone and the illness was removed. A few days ago I had become very weak because of frequent passing of water and diarrhea. I supplicated and received the revelation:

[Arabic] Your prayer is accepted.

I noticed that the trouble ceased immediately thereafter. God is a better prescription than all other prescriptions and is worthy of being kept secret. But then I feel that this would be miserliness and I have to declare it.
[al-Badr, vol. 2, no. 35, September 18, 1903, p. 380 and
al-Hakam, vol. 7, no. 36, September 30, 1903, p. 15], Via Tadhkirah

September 2, 1903
The Promised Messiah[as] said:

I was feeling weak in consequence of diarrhea and then saw in a light slumber two men with pistols standing one on either side of me and the revelation came:

[Arabic] In Allah’s protection

MGA and the 2 yellow sheets that the Esa (as) would be wearing

Nasim-e-Da‘wat, p. 70, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 19, pp. 435–436, via Tadhkirah

“””I supplicated once that my ills might be totally removed but I was told that this would not be; then God Almighty conveyed to me that this was a Sign of the Promised Messiah, for it is written that he would descend clad in two yellow sheets. The ills from which I suffer are these two yellow sheets, one covering the upper part and the other covering the lower part of my body.
A Narrative of Two Martyrdoms, Page 46 Urdu Edition

‘One day, during the course of conversation, mention was made of the tradition which says: ‘the Promised Messiah shall descend clad in two yellow sheets, one of these would cover the upper part of his body while the other would cover the lower part. I explained that this means that the Promised Messiah would suffer from two ailments because, according to the elucidation and interpretation of dreams and visions, yellow cloth denotes some kind of illness. I suffer from two ailments. One is the chronic trouble of headaches and the other is diabetes and diarrhea.’
Haqiqatul Wahy, online english edition

MGA says that the two yellow sheets signify his ailments.

Noorudin’s Friday Khutbah of Alhakam of 14 June 1908


“It was narrated in the hadeeth: “”المبطون شهيد” which means, whoever dies by diarrhea is a martyr. MGA died of diarrhea disease; regardless, whether diarrhea occurred long time ago as a sign from God or if it was a result of cholera as alleged by the enemies.Whatever it is, certainly and for sure that he (MGA) has died with diarrhea; he was a martyr according to the correct hadeeth which says who dies by diarrhea is a martyr, whatever the type of diarrhea was. God has made the enemies recognize by their own tongue that he is a martyr … The enemy says that MGA died by cholera, and if we accept the argument that the enemy is sincere in this statement, we ask them: Is it not the death by cholera martyrdom?” (حقائق الفرقان، ج1، نقلا عن الحكم،14/6/1908م، الصفحة 7-8)

Some commentary
This Khutba was delivered by  the newly crown Khalifa (Nooruddin) on 5 June 1908 (printed on 14 June). Nooruddin faced with the death of Mirza Ghulam by Haiza, which happened on 26 May of that year, AND THE DIFFICULTIES THEY FACED TO TRANSPORT HIS BODY FROM LAHORE TO QADIAN. Nooruddin was so much under pressure that he admitted that MGA died of haiza (cholera), however, he tried to sugar coat the whole episode by quoting Hadith and saying that “whoever dies of Haiza (cholera) is a martyr. Al-hakam

The scan, Alhakam

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