‘Anwarul Uloom’ is an urdu collection of the books of Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad, the 2nd Khalifa. Its unclear when it was collected, it seems like it was collected during the life of the 3rd Khalifa. 23 volumes of his speeches have been published, with each volume more than 600 pages and this series is still being published. Similarly, his Friday sermons have been published in 24 volumes thus far covering the period up to 1943 and will continue to be published. Again, each volume is in excess of 600 pages. Fazl e Umar Foundation was established to collate his works. They are also having his speeches, essays etc. translated. Perhaps they will be available soon in English language. 

Barkat-i-Khilafat, Anwarul Uloom, Vol. 2, p 204
Via Devotion of Life

“Remember well, if you get involved in Politics, Jama’at Ahmadiyya will not make progress. Anyone who joins others in Politics, he also will not succeed, because who forsakes God for the sake of the world, he loses the world also. So if you desire to adopt a way leading to nearness to God, you will not find it while seeking the world, rather, you will find it through seeking God Almighty. God Almighty has opened all the doors of His blessings for us. The man to whom the Holy Prophet (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) has conveyed his ‘salam’, and many great saints have left this world while hoping to see, God Almighty has raised this man amongst us. God Almighty has not only granted us the ability to accept him, He has also provided us with the opportunity to serve his Jama’at. So you are the Viceroys or Lieutenant Governors of the court of God Almighty. You do not need the world at any level. A servant of the Promised Messiah is the servant of the Holy Prophet (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) and the servant of God Almighty. Therefore, your names have been counted amongst the servants of God Almighty. What honour greater than that can one receive? The Holy Prophet (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) told a Companion that God Almighty had told him He shall teach you Suratul Fatihah by heart. The Companion said “O’ Messenger of Allah! Did God Almighty mention my name when He told you so?” The Holy Prophet (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) said,
“Yes, God Almighty has told me this by mentioning your name.” Upon learning this, the man started to weep bitterly imagining that by the Grace of God he has such a status that God Almighty mentioned him by his name. What a great number of favours and bounties of God Almighty are upon us that He thought of us. In the world even if a low level officer calls someone, the person is overjoyed. It is extremely regretful that a person whom God Almighty calls does not appreciate the call. God Almighty has called upon you. No king or high ranking officer of the
world can give you what God Almighty can. Therefore, you must come rushing and thank Him
when He calls. There are many more people as compared to you who possess worldly treasures and comforts, however, only you possess the bounties of the religion; they do not possess them.”
Blessings of Khilafat by Khalifatul Masih II
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“At times, those who are weak of faith fail to practice restraint and marry their daughters to non-Ahmadis. This is a source of great distress for me, for marrying our girls to non-Ahmadis causes much damage. What is more, such a nikah [the announcement of marriage in Islam] in itself is not permissible. Since women are naturally weak and not always properly trained, they tend to adopt the ways and beliefs of the family they get married into which then destroys their own faith. And if they remain firm in their beliefs, there is always going to be perpetual conflict between them and their husbands, for the difference of beliefs will then ruin the love that should exist between a husband and wife. This deprives them of peace and comfort of heart.

Then there are times when a person, in order to show that he is fully obeying the command of the Promised Messiah (as), spreads the news that the person to whom he is going to marry his daughters is an Ahmadi or someone that has recently joined the Jama‘at. He says that only the formal initiation remains, and that such a person will pledge bai’at as soon as he is able to visit Qadian. They also get him to write a letter [for bai‘at]. In certain cases, such a person even turns up in Qadian and pledges bai‘at. In certain other cases, boys, in order to get the hand of a girl of their choice, deceive the girl’s family by saying that they have already written a letter pledging their bai‘at, thereby demanding that the family of the girl should marry their daughter to him. But nikahs of this kind never result in true happiness, for the intention behind them is not good. God does not need a person who enters the Jama‘at only for the sake of marriage.

Nor does such a person stay steadfast with his pledge of bai‘at, or change his way of life to adopt better morals. Even if he sticks to his pledge of bai‘at, he proves to be a constant source of annoyance for the Jama‘at. There have been a number of such incidents and their result has always been undesirable. At times, it was bad from the religious point of view and at times from the worldly point of view. There have been some exceptions as well, but they are very few indeed.

In most cases, husbands start tormenting their wives once the nikah has been solemnized, and force them to relinquish their religious beliefs. At times, they stop them from offering prayers or even reciting the Holy Quran.

In short, those who marry their daughters to non-Ahmadis can never be at peace. By doing this, they actually destroy the faith of their daughters, and this is something for which they will surely be held accountable [in the sight of Allah]. In addition, they themselves keep feeling the agony of their action. For those who, despite being believers, marry their daughters to mere world-seeker, can never live in peace, and neither can their daughters ever find true happiness. Whereas if someone marries his daughter to even the poorest Ahmadi, he will have saved his daughter from losing her faith. A very strict command of the Promised Messiah(as) is that no Ahmadi should marry his daughter to a non-Ahmadi. Therefore, it is incumbent upon every Ahmadi to follow this guidance.

To follow the command of the Promised Messiah (as), it is also essential to follow the system adopted by the Jama‘at in this regard. There is no doubt that the Jama‘at will have to make a lot of sacrifices in order to follow this command. The Ahmadis should marry their daughters when they have found a faithful and pious person—regardless of whether or not he is well-off. Do people not marry their daughters to relatives who are comparatively less fortunate than them? They do! The point I wish to make is: who is nearer and dearer to Ahmadis than the people of their own faith? This spiritual relationship is far more important than any other affiliation or relationship. Therefore, you should shun the old and rotten customs, and try to marry your daughters when you have found a pious and righteous person for them.” 
Anwar ul ‘Uloom, volume 4, pages 268
Khutbah Juma August 19th, 1958, pages 4-5

The people that make allegations should be killed. Charges should be put on them and they should be given the death penalty.

Anwar ul ‘Uloom, volume 10, pages 93-95

His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad (ra), 2nd Caliph of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, said:

…“When I say that hypocrites should be confronted, it means that their circumstances & mischief should be ascertained & the Jama’at (community) be made aware of them.

…Remember this general sign of a hypocrite, which was mentioned by the Promised Messiah (as): he will find fault with the Jama’at; he will say openly that the Jama’at has become corrupt, the Jama’at has become spoiled…

…When someone, whoever he may be, says that the Jama’at has become corrupt, [you must] know that he is a hypocrite…

…Only a few years have passed since the demise of the Promised Messiah (as); the era of progress has not yet come. If the Jama’at has already deteriorated, how can he (the Promised Messiah) be a person truly commissioned by God?

…Thus, that man is a liar who says that the Jama’at has become spoiled. In reality, his own faith has become spoiled. To the one whose liver has deteriorated, anything he eats will seem bitter.

Those who say such things have not appeared only at this time. There were such people in the Promised Messiah (pbuh)’s time too. The assertions of this type of people are found in newspapers. I’ve just seen in an Al-Hakam newspaper from the time of the Promised Messiah (as)…

…that it was declared that a man from Maler Kotla was a hypocrite who was going around saying that the Promised Messiah (as) was a good person but that the Jama’at had become corrupt.”

The Ahmadiyya Annual Jalsa in Qadian of 1929

Lecture of Mirza Bashir ud Din Mahmud Ahmad, at the 1929 Jalsa at Qadian entitled “Chund Ahem aur Zaroori Umoor

Anwar-ul-Uloom Volume 11. Posting the translation of pages 79-81 here:

“””After this Huzoor said about the Sarda act some friends think of this as an attack on Shariah and some say that there is nothing dangerous in it. But I say that both are exaggerating or playing down. Whether they be the ones that say it is an attack on Islam and also those that say there is no problem. This is definitely not an attack on Islam, but it is also not correct that Islam is not endangered by it. Certainly it did not attack Islam but it did attack Muslims and it endangers several other aspects. Nobody can deny that marrying a weak and helpless prepubescent girl is very cruel and it makes her useless for the nation and Jamaat. No wise man would and can support it but there is a difference between Nikkah and consummation of the husband and wife. Consummation is not allowed in any case in prepubescence but we have to see if Nikkah is also not allowed or is it. It can be clearly gleaned from Islam that a woman does Nikkah after pubescence because Nikkah is connected to the consent of woman and man and if there is no pubescence then how can there be consent. Hence if it is said that prepubescent Nikkah is allowed even without any need then we would say that it falsifies the reason for Nikkah that Shariah established. The purpose of Nikkah is that man and woman promise to merge with each other and this promise cannot be made in prepubescence. But there is no doubt that in some conditions prepubescent Nikkah becomes a need. For example there is a man whose wife dies and the second wife has young adult sons and he does not like to transfer custodianship [Wali who gives off the girl for marriage] of step sisters to their step brothers and he also doesn’t want to show as if there are schisms in his home. He can do nikkah of a prepubescent girl. But Shariah has allowed that girl that if she doesn’t like the suitor then she can deny him after achieving puberty in this way it’ll only be a so-called Nikkah of a prepubescent. In several conditions this very prepubescent Nikkah is preferred. I also get several such letters that my mother and father did my Nikkah with a certain person and I like him but other relatives want to end that relation. Similarly several other such scenarios are possible where marriage at a small age might be beneficial but these are rare. However, it is necessary that prepubescent marriage is allowed. But these necessities can also be sacrificed and Sharia has allowed that if a good thing is abused then it can be restricted. It is mentioned in Hadeeth that during the time of Hazrat Umar RA people used to give three Talaq together and then got back together. Hazrat Umar RA said that this is jest with Shariat. Now if somebody gives three Talaq together then he can’t get back together. So it is allowed that if a good thing is being abused it can be stopped, but Muslims take this decision themselves. Others don’t have the right to restrict because if they intrude here then it will impact other issues as well. For example Muslims are allowed to slaughter cows. It is possible that Hindus pass a law against that. Similarly divorce is allowed, polygamy is allowed, people of other religion can pass laws against these too but no Muslim would tolerate intrusion in these matters. Due to these reasons intrusion [of law via the Sarda Act] on prepubescent marriage is dangerous. But the solution for that is not what some people have said to marry off 10 year old girls. This is damaging yourselves. After this Huzoor [KM2] proved that Muslims don’t need this law because child marriages are very rare in them and also decreasing day by day. Then Huzoor explained that there are some allowances in Sharia that are not corollary but a central part of Sharia and has said that if you do this then this is ordered while discussing things allowed in Islam Intrusion in these matters is very bad. Childhood marriage is also amongst these things. Shariat has allowed it and there are some orders about it that after becoming pubescent the girl can deny such a marriage if she wants. Then a type of such allowance is the one on which Rasool Kareem [Muhammad] SAW acted and childhood marriage is exactly such an allowance on which Rasool Kareem SAW acted. That is, he married Hazrat Ayesha RA in her childhood and in the age of 12 she was sent to his home. It is correct that Arab’s become pubescent early and it is also correct that Hazrat Ayesha RA had superior [physical?] powers but her age was just 12 when she came to Rasool Kareem SAW’s home. Now if because of her age marriage was stalled so that she can be 17, 18 then she would have enjoyed the company of Rasool Kareem SAW for only one year and a lot of discussions about religion would have remained incomplete. But the time she got she was able to serve religion a lot. This is why it was necessary that God got her in Rasool Kareem SAW’s company at such a time that she can be beneficial to the world. This is why [God] made her pubescent soon. So completely banning the thing that Rasool Kareem SAW practiced and declared correct is a huge occurence. I say on this issue that stop childhood marriage but temporarily, as long as Musilms are abusing this right, don’t forbid it indefinitely. For this the way to go about is to tell the government about the problems with this law and the dangers that Muslims face. If the government agrees that it won’t intrude in such matters in the future then we can be satisfied and we can tolerate this.”””


Anwarul ‘Ulum, vol. 13, p. 94; Meri Sarah, p.23,

”Many girls are studying just for earning and employment, although the work of a woman is not employment. This trend of employment of women is one reminiscence from the cursed reminiscences of Western culture. Islam has placed the responsibility of providing income on men. Thus, rather than spending their time in some other way, righteous women should spend their time in the protection and guardianship of men, and in the absence of men when they  are out earning a living, they should, with the help of Allah Almighty, safeguard those  trusts  that  have  been  entrusted to them, as in, they should turn their attention to matters of homemaking, train the children, keep the morals of the home and neighborhood right, etc.”

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