This is some reliable source in order to understand the workings of the Ahmadiyya sect.

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Main takeaways:

  • AHmadis systematically tried to infiltrate pakistani institutions, first Military, then also civilian positions.

  • In some cities AHmadi individuals had gained high civilian positions and Mirza Mahmood was ordered them to use their positions to convert people to AHmadi and was tempted to make everyone who was under the civilian control of AHmadi officers convert. When some Ahmadi was the civilian head of a city AHmadi Khalife considered the whole city his property.

  • AHmadi Officers were ordered to use their positions in order to convert “Nonbelievers”. COnsequently Ahmadi officers used their official positions in the pakistani administration and tried to convert Mainstream Muslims resulting in a Backlash from Mainstream muslims as they lost trust in the impartiality and reliability of AHmadi office holders triggering widespread demands to remove AHmadis form military and civilian offices. Zafrulla was one prime example and demands of his removal grew.

  • It is not clear why Zafrulla was made foreign minister in the first place and why Pakistani leadership was so hesitant to remove him. AT one time, Zafrulla was scheduled to speak at an Ahamdiyya event in Karachi. The Pakistani Prime minister told him not to attend this event. Zafrulla said, that he is already bound by his promise to appear there. And that he will attend eventhough he gets removed form office. But Pakistani Prime minister still did not remove him from office.

  • AHmadi Khalifa saw baluchistan as a easy prey, as the state has relatively small population and some cities were already under AHmadi civilian leadership.

  • Once AHmadi Khalifa openly demanded to bring Baluchistan under AHmadi control by the end of 1952, Mainstream Muslims organised themselfes against ahmaidyya and demanded action against Ahmadiyya.

Bottom Line: Ahmadis pushed their conversion efforts too hard and tried to grab political and military power putting them in the focus of Mainstream Muslims resulting in a violent Backlash. Pakistani leadership then had no choice but to curtail Ahmadi activities in order to calm the pakistani public. The measures taken in 1952 were not enough and resulted in the constitutional amendment of 1974.

Interesting thing: I tried to look up the original AL Fazl Magazine the report refers to as evidence of Mirza Mahmoods speeches in order to read the sources myself.

The report specifically quotes Mirza 2’s speeches that were delivered in QUetta and that were published in AL fazal in 1952 in which he ordered his followers to not only expand into Military positions, but also to other areas of official positions especially in Balochistan and that he at least wanted Balochistan as a own state.

The Khalifa’s son was ordered to live in Quetta

See the section in the below under Maulvi Abdus Salam

The AHmadis have deleted everything from between 1952 and 2001.

Ahmadis are trying to delete evidence the Report refers to.