Ahmadiyya sources tell us that he was a companion of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad from the village of Theh Ghulam Nabi, Zilla Gurdaspur. There are three additional Ahmadi’s from the village of Theh Ghulam Nabi, they are, Shahabuddin, Shaikh Charagh Ali Nambardar and his brother Shaikh Hamid Ali (also spelled Sh. Hamid Ali), who was MGA’s trusted toilet attendant since the early 1880’s. By 2021, most of his off-spring have moved to the USA, Canada, and the UK. Many of his close relatives reside in Greater Toronto Area.

His brothers

1—Sheikh Zain-ul-‘Abidin

2—Shaikh Hamid Ali (also spelled Sh. Hamid Ali

3—Mehr Ali, died in MGA’s lifetime.

His children

1—Mirza Fazlur Rahman Sahib of Brampton.

2—Mirza Lutf-ur-Rahman Anwar (1929 —-2017). Died in Texas.

Mirza Lutf-ur-Rahman devoted his life in 1945 upon the directive of the 2nd Khalifa. After completing the Shahid degree from Jami’a Ahmadiyya Rabwah, he was appointed as a Missionary in Hamburg, Germany in 1959. He started the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission in Lome, Togoland in 1960. Soon after, he was appointed as the Missionary In-charge of Greater Accra Region, Ghana. He also had the opportunity to serve the Mission in Kenya, East Africa. After his return to Pakistan in 1974, he was appointed as Managing Director of Al-Shirkatul Islamiya. He served Wakalat Tasnif in Rabwah from 1991 to 2004.

Relatives of the deceased are as follows:
Habeeb-ur-Rahman Mirza sahib of USA (son)
Amtul Noor Lubna Qureshi sahiba of USA (daughter)
Imtiaz Ahmad Rajayki sahib of USA (son)
Arshad Muhammad Qureshi sahib of USA (son-in-law)
Lal Khan Malik sahib,  Amir Jama’at Canada (brother-in-law)
Mirza Mubarak Ahmed Sahib, Ex Local Amir Brampton Jama’at (Nephew)
Mirza Hameed Ahmed Sahib, National Secretary Ta’lim, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Canada (Nephew)
Mirza Naseer Ahmed Sahib, Local Amir Brampton Jama’at (Nephew)

3—-Rashid Zohra Khan Sahiba of Mississauga Jama’at.

He is mentioned in the famous list of the first 313 companions of MGA (see Dard). He is listed as #283. There are two additional Ahmadi’s from the village of Theh Ghulam Nabi, they are, Shahabuddin and Shaikh Charagh Ali Nambardar. His brother, Shaikh Hamid Ali (also spelled Sh. Hamid Ali) is not mentioned, which is odd.
[Register Riwayat-e-Sahabah, vol. 11, p. 65, Riwayat Sheikh Zain-ul-‘Abidin]
Via Tadhkirah

Via the first edition of Tadhkirah, Sheikh Zain-ul-‘Abidin tells the scholars at Qadian that his brother Barkat Ali was sick.

“””(78) Sheikh Zain-ul-‘Abidin narrates:

Once our elder brother Barkat ‘Ali fell seriously ill and he was reduced to a skeleton. He was brought here to (Qadian) and MGA treated him for two months and then… told my brother Hamid ‘Ali to take him back to his village, as his survival was unlikely. …A man was sent to the village to bring a palanquin for him. The man had barely reached Rajawah1320 when MGA
received the Revelation:

[Urdu] Barkat ‘Ali will regain his health.

MGA sent for Hamid ‘Ali immediately and told him to revoke the message [for the palanquin]….
The man who had been sent was called back and the next day Barkat ‘Ali’s fever subsided.”””
[Register Riwayat-e-Sahabah, vol. 11, p. 54]

Via Tadhkirah

“””54) (B) Hamid ‘Ali ’s brother, Sheikh Zain-ul-‘Abidin, relates that the Promised Messiahas said:
I have received a revelation concerning Hafiz Hamid ‘Ali that he would return safe and will bring back benefits.”””

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