He was born 1854, died 8-9-1919, (see Dard), he was a famous toilet attendant of MGA from the 1880’s. His name is spelled as Sh. Hamid Ali in Dard. He never became an Ahmadi, this is an important fact (See 2015, Khutbah Juma of the 5th Khalifa).

In Seerat ul Mahdi (1923) he was called a Hafiz, however, that is a lie), his wife, Rasool Bibi is also mentioned and how she would massage MGA and wake him up when he had seizures and would massage him all night. He was born just 6 miles away from Qadian (at the 2:10 mark, the video has been removed by the Ahmadiyya movement), the village seems to have been called Theh Ghulam Nabi, Zilla Gurdaspur. Why was he called a Hafiz? This title seems to have been given to him after he died, he was also given the title of Shaikh. In 1884, he accompanied MGA to Delhi when MGA married Nusrat Jehan. In 1889, at the first ever bait ceremony, Shaikh Hamid Ali was also working with MGA as his toilet attendant. He was the 3rd Ahmadi registered on the original bait list of 1889. He lived with MGA for 28 years, from 1880 to 1908. MGA admits that Shaikh Hamid Ali was touching MGA’s thigh and was thus, really close to MGA in closed-quarters. His brother were also Ahmadi, see in the below.
His wife

Rasool Bibi
His brothers

1—Sheikh Zain-ul-‘Abidin

2—Mehr Ali, died in MGA’s lifetime.

3–Mirza Barkat Ali.

Per Dard, he was born in this year.

At age 26, he begins working at Qadian as MGA’s toilet attendant, he even accompanied MGA to get the Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya published. Ahmadiyya sources claim that MGA prayed and gave  him medicine, from which he was miraculously cured, he then stayed with MGA going forward.

At age 30, he accompanies MGA to Delhi as MGA was about to marry Nusrat Jehan, he tells a famous story wherein he describes MGA as impotent during his wedding night and 10+ years before his 2nd marriage.

He accompanied MGA to Hoshiarpur. MGA occupied the upper story of the Taweila and entrusted different duties to his three companions. M. Abdullah Sanauri was to prepare food for MGA and serve it. Sh. Hamid Ali had to do the house work and also attend to visitors. Fateh Khan was required to do the shopping.

Sayyad Mir Muhammad Isma’il or spelled Syed Meer Muhammad Ismail writes MGA and claims that his mother has died and his younger brother has died, he is thus all alone and only 10 years old. This story is archived in an early biography on the life of MGA, entitled, Al-Bushra. MGA sends Shaikh Hamid Ali to verify, and he verifies that the story is false.

At the first ever bait ceremony, Shaikh Hamid Ali was also working with MGA as his toilet attendant. Shaikh Hamid Ali called out the names of all 40 Ahmadi’s on this day, except Abdullah Sanuari, who was called out by MGA himself.

Since he lives in Qadian with MGA, he attends the first ever Jalsa and is recorded as attendee #69.

He also attends the Jalsa this year (at roughly 28:10).

He accompanied MGA as they visited Dera Baba Nanak (see Dard).

He is not mentioned in the famous list of 313 Ahmadi’s. His brother, Barkat Ali from Theh Ghulam Nabi is listed as #283. There are two additional Ahmadi’s from the village of Theh Ghulam Nabi, they are, Shahabuddin and Shaikh Charagh Ali Nambardar.

He seems to have traveled to Africa with his brother, Zain ul Abideen. He seems to have returned to Qadian in 1898.

He accompanies MGA on his journey’s to Delhi, Amritsar and etc.

He is mentioned by name in Haqiqatul Wahy 7 times.

He is with MGA in Lahore as MGA dies.

He dies.

Rasool Bibi loved to massage MGA and woke him up when he had revelations/seizures

His widow, Rasool Bibi tells how she would massage MGA all night and even wake him up when he seizured.

He is mentioned in the ROR of Nov-1939.

He is mentioned in the ROR of April-1940.

He is mentioned in the ROR of March-1944 in terms of the Musleh Maud prophecy.
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