Mirza Rafi Ahmad was the son of Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad, the famous 2nd Khalifa of the Ahmadiyya Movement. He lived from 5th March 1927 to 15th January 2004 at the age of 76. His mother is Sara Begum, she was married to the Khalifa in 1925 (See page 219), she was wife #3, her name is also written as Appa Sara Begum. She died while giving child birth in 1933. Her oldest child was Mirza Rafi Ahmad. He grew up in the house of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad at Qadian.

Akber Chaudhary and Abdul Sami Zafar (starts at the 39:36 mark to 44:14) have also given details of the life of Mirza Rafi Ahmad.

Mirza Rafi Ahmad was older than Mirza Tahir Ahmad by about 18 months and younger than Mirza Nasir Ahmad by almost 20 years. In 1965, it is said that he was a contender for the Khilafat. Mirza Rafi Ahmad almost became the Khalifa in 1982 when Mirza Nasir Ahmad died. There is lots of controversy on this topic. Official Qadiani-Ahmadi sources have never even commented on the controversy in this election. Some Ahmadi’s seem to have began to follow Mirza Rafi Ahmad instead of the Khalifa. This is where the details get sketchy. Mirza Rafi Ahmad seems to have started his own sect of Ahmadiyya thereafter, it was called Green Ahmadiyyat, whom his followers call “Mahmood-e-Sani Confidant of Ayub-e-Ahmadiyyat Hazrat Sahibzada Mirza Rafi Ahmed (AS)”. He is pictured below. He lived from 5th March 1927 to 15th January 2004. He died in 2004, he was 76 years old. Per his followers, he was buried at Bahishti Maqbara in Rabwah. They had cancelled his Wasiyyat in 1982 after Mirza Tahir Ahmad’s election as Khalifa. When he died, Mirza Masroor Ahmad re-instated that.

Their website is

In 2021, a twitter account became famous using a rare photo of Mirza Rafi Ahmad and the handle @GreenAhmadi.
Do the followers of Mirza Rafi Ahmad think he is Eisa (as)???

1—-“I saw in my dream today that Hadhrat Isaas had come to our house. I thought to myself:
What shall we offer him for refreshment, for the mangoes have spoiled; but then suddenly
other mangoes became available from the unseen. Allah knows best what its
interpretation is.” (Tadhkirah July 11, 1887)

2—-“God Almighty has conveyed to me through a sure and certain prophecy that out of my
progeny there will be one who will resemble Jesus in many respects. He will descend
from heaven and will straighten out the way of the dwellers upon earth. He will set free
those who are held in bondage and deliver those who are imprisoned in the chains of
doubt. [Revelation in Persian] Son, delight of the heart, high ranking, noble
[Revelation in Arabic] A manifestation of the True and the High as if Allah had
descended from heaven” (Izala-e-Auham pp. 155–6, Ruhani Khaza‟in vol. 3, pg. 180)


3—“Remember that Messiah who is to be borne in this humble one‟s progeny and who is
also named Ibn-e-Maryam because I have been called by this name also in Baraheen.”
(Izala-e-Auham, Ruhani Khazain vol. 3, pg 318)

4— [Revelation in Persian] A man comes from the presence of God with a hundred honors.
Felicitations to you, O Mary, that Jesus has come back again. (Letter of Pir SirajulHaqq Nu„manira pg. 6; al-Bushra pg. 57)

His mother

His mother is Sarah Begum, she was married to the Khalifa in 1925, she was wife #4. She died while giving child birth in 1933. He oldest child was Mirza Rafi Ahmad (1927). He was roughly 6-7 years old when his mother died.
His siblings

Sister—- Amatul Naseer Begum, daughter, born in roughly late 1930, was 3 1/2 years old when her mother died.

Brother–-Mirza Hanif Ahmad, son, born in 1932, died in 2014.
Mirza Rafi Ahmad’s biography

Mirza Rafi Ahmad

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Mirza Rafi Ahmad was born on 5th March 1927 at the house of MGA at Qadian.

He moves to Lahore and then Rabwah with his father, the Khalifa. 
Mirza Rafi Ahmad’s speech in 1964


He is a contender for the Khilafat.

He is a contender for the Khilafat and is forcibly restrained and then placed on house arrest. His Wasiyyat is cancelled.

He dies on 15th January 2004. His Wasiyyat was re-instated by the 5th Khalifa.
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This web site is being setup by Ch Ghulam Ahmed – Mahmood-e-Sani Confidant of Ayub-e-Ahmadiyyat Harzrat Sahibzada Mirza Rafi Ahmed (AS); at the instance of Allah the exalted: for the purpose of exhibiting and reminding to Ahmadi brothers about some of the fundamental truths and realities of the Ahmadiyya Islam teachings as propounded in Holy Quran: Hadith and sayings of the Hazrat Maseeh Maud (AS) and unfortunately the present Nizamis (the leading office holders) have been misleading them for quite some time losing sight of the original real mission and objectives of our faith/deen.

This message is for Ahmadiyya community worldwide.

No separate Jam’at is to be setup and this preaching; God willingly will be till such time as Allah the exalted’s Will desires and when a fairly large majority of the community has realized their mistake and corrected/amended themselves for which there are tidings given by Syedna Hazrat Maseeh Maud (AS): Syedna Hazrat Mahmood (RA): and also Syedna Hazrat Mirza Rafi Ahmed – Ayub-e-Ahmadiyyat (AS) then all that is put in here will become the part and record of history.

Ch Ghulam Ahmed

Dt:  20 October 2009

Below are the documents which are already published for Ahmadiyya community and are summarized here for further reference.  These documents can be viewed by using Adobe Reader which can be downloaded from here.

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