In 1892, via Nishan Asmani, MGA makes his famous prophecy that he would live 40 additional years after 1880, just like it was prophecied in the hadith in terms of the Messiah. Up to this point in Ahmadiyya history, MGA was admitting to being 50+ in 1892, as well as MGA being 40 in 1879-1880 when BA1+2 were published. Izala Auham was published before this, in later editions, edits were made to make it sound like MGA wouldn’t reach the age of 80.

In Haqiqatul Wahy (1906-1907), MGA and his team of writers began to fabricate revelations to the effect that MGA would reach the age of 80, however, it could be 4-5 years less or more. Thus, the age range was now changed to 75-85 (See page 918). However, after MGA died, via Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya Vol. 5, MGA’s editor’s now changed the verbiage to 5-6 years more or less. Thus, changing the range to 74–84 (See page 347). In the same book (BA-5), MGA was claiming that the doomsday earthquake earthquake would happen in his lifetime, MGA even gave a 16-year limit. As we all know, MGA died in May of 1908 in Lahore at age 68 and thus failed.

MGA was 51-52 years old.
see Nishan asmani {1892}, page 14–17).

MGA makes his famous prophecy that he would live 40 additional years after 1880, just like it was prophecied in the hadith in terms of the Messiah:

“””These verses also indicate that after being commissioned, the reformer will live for forty years, while it is well known that Sayyid Sahib passed away from this transitory world just a few years after his advent. It is evident from Brahin-e-Ahmadiyya that I was commissioned to revive the faith at the age of forty, about eleven years ago.””

In yet another case of Ahmadi backtracking and editing. Ahmadi mullahs seem to have edited MGA’s book Izala Auham (1891). This has to do with a quotation from 1887 which was not included in the original edition of Izala Auham. It should be noted that this quotation is an announcement about the Promised Son and seems to be from 1887, although Ahmadi editors claim that it is from 1888 (see Izala Auham, online urdu edition). This quotation is problematic in many ways. Firstly, it shows that MGA’s god was telling MGA that he was Esa (as) the son of Mary as early as 1887. Secondly, there is a specific arabic revelation of MGA at the very bottom which uses the quranic phraseology “Qareebun”, which means “near to”. Thirdly, this quotation wasn’t in the original book. It was added in the second or third edition and specifically to counter the FACT that MGA failed his age prophecy, which was specifically 40 years after 1880, since MGA was 40 years old in 1880 (See Nishan Asmani). Thus, in summary, Ahmadi authors went back and edited Izala Auham and thus added to it in an attempt to make it look like MGA was always asserting 80 or close to it. However, the english translations of 1976, 2004, 2006 and 2018 don’t properly translate “Qareebun” as “close-to”, instead they purposely mistranslate it as “thereabouts”, thus, giving an english reader the impression that MGA’s revelation meant 5 or 6 years more or less from 80, which is ridiculous. Finally, see 2:186, Allah is near, there are many examples like this in the Quran. See also 4:7, 90:15, 26:214, 56:11, 17:32 and many many others.
MGA was 58 years old

[RK, v. 13, p. 177; 2nd paragraph of 1st, marginal note; Kitaab-ul- Bariyyah] Year of publication: 1898, online english edition can be found here–

“Now my personal life sketch is as follows. My birth took place in 1839 or 1840, during the last part of the Sikh period, and in 1857 I was 16 years [of age] or in my 17th year. And [my] beard and mustache had not yet started.”


“My age was about 34 or 35 when my respected father passed away.” [RK, v. 13, p. 192;
1st line of marginal note; Kitaab-ul-Bariyyah] Year of publication: 1898.

The english scan from the Lahori-Ahmadi website

MGA was 61 years old

Mirza Khuda Bakhsh is well-known for writing, Asl-e-Musaffa (Vol. 1)(published in 1901) and Asl-e-Musaffa (Vol. 2)(both of these books compromised 1400 pages, it was published during the life of MGA), which contain details about the advent of MGA and the prophecies and signs that MGA claimed for himself. Interestingly, in this book, it is clearly written how MGA was born in 1839/1840, later on, when MGA died early, Ahmadiyya editors went back and changed MGA’s year of birth to 1835.

MGA writes in Al-Hakam that he is 60 years old.
Tohfa-e-Golarhviyyah, Ruhani Khazain, Vol. 17, p. 281 [footnote], via

“This humble one was born on Friday 14th of the lunar calendar.” 
MGA was 64 years old

Noorudin writes his own biography entitled, “Nur ud Din”, in this book, he writes that MGA was born in 1839.
MGA was 66 years old

During MGA’s lifetimes, Maulvi Muhammad Ali writes an article about MGA in the English-ROR and clearly writes that MGA was born in either 1839-1840.
Akhbar Ahl-e-Hadith, 3 May 1907, p. 6, via

Some commentary first
This quote is short, we need to see the full context, Ahmadiyya sources refuse to show the full quote. Thus, we assume that this only means that MGA was constantly lying about his age.

“As far as this question is concerned that he [i.e. the Promised Messiahas] will die after or before every enemy of his will be annihilated, it has been answered in the negative by Mirza Sahib in his Risala al-Wasiyyat. It means, he has stated that his death is expected around the age of 80 years or thereabouts and he has probably crossed all of its steps already.”


In Haqiqatul Wahy, online english edition, on page 386

“”””135. One Hundred Thirty-Fifth Sign—Once on account of diabetes, from which I have suffered for the last twenty years, I was quite fearful about my eyesight, for in case of such ailments one is in danger of developing epiphora. It was then that God Almighty in His grace and kindness reassured, consoled, and comforted me through the revelation which is as follows:

نزلت الرحمۃ علٰی ثلٰث۔ العین و علی الاُخریین

Meaning that, blessing was extended to three organs—eyes and two others, which have not been specified.

I swear in the name of God Almighty that I am about seventy years old and my eyesight even in this age is as good as it was when I was fifteen or twenty years old. This is the very blessing which was promised in the revelation of God Almighty.”””

In Haqiqatul Wahy, online english edition, on page 573

“”And God manifested so many Signs in my support that they cannot be counted. Let any wise person who fears God and is moved by His majesty and is reasonable enough to have regard for decency and honour, judge for himself whether the way of God is such that He treats anyone whom He knows to be an impostor and who lies in His name, the way He treats me. I assert with absolute truth that I was young when I started having these revelations and now I am old and almost seventy years of age, but over this period of thirty-five years, my God did not separate Himself from me even for a single day.””

In Haqiqatul Wahy, online english edition, on page 639, see footnote

“””I published an announcement in English on 23 August 1903, opposing Mr. Dowie. It says; ‘I am about seventy years in age and Mr. Dowie, as he states, is a young man of fifty but I do not care for my age because this mubahalah will not be decided by our ages but God who is the Most Supreme Authority will decide it. If Mr. Dowie flees from this confrontation—even then, the calamity will certainly befall his Zion soon.”””


Badr, 10 November 1907, pp. 5-7

“This means that those of my enemies who say that only 14 months of my age are left after July 1907 or prophesy my death within a certain time, I shall prove them false and increase your age as well, so as to demonstrate that I am God and everything is under His control.”

MGA was 68 years old

In the Review of religions for June 1908 (english)(see pages 235-238), they began trying to backdate MGA’s year of birth, since they knew that MGA died abruptly.

The Zamindar newspaper made some errors  as they asserted that MGA went to work in Sialkot in 1860-1861, it was actually 1864. They also guesses and claimed that MGA was 22-24. Which is somewhat true, MGA was 24 when he was forced to go and word in Sialkot. See (Tarikh-e-Ahmadiyyat, Vol. 1, p. 94 [Zamindar Akhbar, 28 May 1908]), via
Zamima Baraheen-e-Ahmadiyya Vol 5 page 193, via

—“God knows the real age but according to my knowledge, my age is near 70 years at present in the year 1323 AH. God knows best”

“As Adam was born on a Friday, so was I born on a Friday as well.” (Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya Part V, p. 348)
The same quote from the english BA-5, page 347

“””I am now almost seventy years [of age], and a period of more than thirty years has passed since God had informed me in clear terms that I would live to the age of eighty, or that five to six years more or five to six years less.”””

Urdu scan for the BA-5 quote


In Massey’s, “Chief’s and families of Note in the Punjab”, which was based on the data from the Punjab Chiefs, 3rd, edition, it is clearly written that MGA was born in 1839.
Punjab Chiefs_Rivised Pedigree++ Table Mukamal

The PDF, see pages 81–93

In this essay, they are directly quoting an announcement from 1887-1888, which was later added to Izala Auham (see page 86). 

June 1915, Review of Religions

In an article written by Abul Hasham Khan Chaudhry from Barisal, Bengal, it is stated that MGA was born in 1839, the Ahmadiyya community seems to have copied and pasted his article, however, they added a note that MGA’s year of birth was earlier than 1839.

1915 June ROR


In this book, which was published in 1918, Muhammad Ali agreed that MGA was born in 1839 (see page 1). However, later editions of this book have changed the date to 1836 and then 1835.

Mufti Muhammad Sadiq travels to America, and starts a newspaper called the Moslem Sunrise, in his 1922 edition he writes that MGA was born in 1837.

We found yet another rare book in the history of Ahmadiyya. This one comes from the Lahori-Ahmadi’s. This specific book is called, “Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the man” by Muhammad Yakub Khan (1924). The second edition of the book seems to have been published in 1949, a few other editions were published thereafter, the Lahori-Ahmadi’s have put this book on their official website, feel free to compare and contrast. In all editions of this book, it is clearly written that MGA was born in 1839.

The Khalifa, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad writes a book, “Ahmad, The Messenger of the Latter Days”, Part-1, by Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad (1924). In this book, he writes that MGA was born in 1836, however, he quotes the Punjab Chiefs of 1909, wherein it is written that MGA was born in 1839.

Mufti Muhammad Sadiq’s book, Zikr-e-Habib is published, in this book, he argues that MGA was born on a Friday, in the month of Phalugna. Sadiq argued that MGA had personally told him that he was born in the Punjabee month of Phalguna, on a Friday, on the 14th night of the moon.  However,  the Punjabi month (and we know Phalguna always starts from 13 February and ends at 13 March. Second, Date of Islamic month was 14 and Day was Friday.

The quote
“This humble one was born in the month of Phalugna on a Friday on the 14th night of the moon” [Zikr-e-habib by Mufti Muhammad Sadiq Sahib pages 238 & 239]
The Winter 1930 edition gives 1836

Sufi Bangalee, the Ahmadiyya missionary in-charge (and editor) listed MGA’s birth year as 1836, under a heading wherein MGA’s name appears, it is followed by “1836-1908” (see page 5).
The Spring 1946 edition

Ahmadi missionaries continued to write 1836 as the birth year of MGA, they wrote this in almost every single issue. The reason it needed to be written was as follows, in the format of the magazine, first they quote the quran, then Muhammad, then MGA. When they wrote his name, they also wrote 1836-1908, thus it is easy to figure out (wink wink).
The 3rd quarter of 1946 edition changed it to 1835

You will see that as soon as new murrabi’s came from India, the date changed to 1835 (see page 5).

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