She was the daughter of Abdul Majid Bhagalpuri. He seems to have been a professor in Arabic somewhere in Bhaghalpur, India. The Khalifa was in Bhaghalpur for a Jalsa in 1923, which led to the engagement. She got officially married in 1925 (See page 219), and had Mirza Rafi Ahmad in 1927. She had 2 more children and then died in 1933 during child birth (per ahmadiyya sources). She was wife #4.

After she died on 6-27-1933 (see al-fazl). The Khalifa gave a speech on her (See Anwar ul Uloom, vol. 13; Meri Sarah) what seems like 3 days later on Friday. The Khalifa describes his marriage to this “bachee”, which means female child. There seems to be another famous quote wherein the 2nd Khalifa said it was bad for women to work.

Her children

Son–Mirza Rafi Ahmad, son–Born on March 27, 1927.

Daughter—- Amatul Naseer Begum, daughter, born in roughly late 1930, was 3 1/2 years old when her mother died.

Son–-Mirza Hanif Ahmad, son, born in 1932, died in 2014.


At age 12-13, she gets engaged to the Khalifa and thus meets his 1st and 2nd wife.


She gets married to the Khalifa, officially.


Mirza Rafi Ahmad is born.


Date and time of death: Sarah Begum Sahiba died on Saturday, 13 May 1933 at 1.45 pm.  Sarah had went into labor on the same day 13 May 1933, a girl was born, and after about 2 and half hour, she died of heart failure, (her heart stopped) in them days real cause of death was not ascertained. In any case she died. 

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