It seems that Ibn Arabi, in his famous book, Tafsir Ibn Arabi, wrote that Jesus was raised up in his Ruh from the lower world to the higher world (his body seems to have been discarded on Earth, per Ibn Arabi), and then Jesus will descend in the end times with a different body. This might elude to 56:61 of the Quran. However, this is in total contradiction of the Ahmadiyya position. Ahmadi’s claim that Esa (as) died 90 years after the event of the crucifixion and in India, whereas, Ibn Arabi and all other Muslims claim that Mutawafeeka happened before the event of crucifixion. There are other references from Ibn Arabi’s works wherein he claims that Esa (as) was never even on the cross and a phantom image was crucified. Ibn Arabi also claimed to be like Esa (as) in a strange way, and thus, the islamic world doesn’t follow his teachings or take him seriously. Nevertheless, we have posted the reference and will wait for independent verification.

You can download the text, Tafsir Ibn Arabi, in two volumes as a pdf from here:

Open volume 1 and go to page 165 of the book.

You will find this is what Ibn Arabi has written there in explanation of 4:158:

(بل رفعه الله إليه) * إلى قوله * (ليؤمنن بهرفع عيسى عليه السلام اتصال روحه عند المفارقة عن العالم السفلي بالعالم العلوي.

وكونه في السماء الرابعة إشارة إلى أن مصدر فيضان روحه روحانية تلك الشمس الذي هو بمثابة قلب العالم ومرجعه إليه وتلك الروحانية نور يحرك ذلك الفلك بمعشوقيته وإشراق أشعته على نفسه المباشرة لتحريكه ولما كان مرجعه إلى مقره الأصلي ولم يصل إلى الكمال الحقيقي وجب نزوله في آخر الزمان، بتعلقه ببدن آخر

I’ve highlighted the two sentences in this ibarah, the first in which he says Jesus was raised up in his Ruh from the lower world to the higher world, and the second which says Jesus will descend in the end times with a different body.
The words of Ibn Arabi regarding the life of Issa A.S. in his book Futuhat Makiya:

ibn arabi-futuhat makiya vol6-page 71:


’’فاستفتح جبرائیل السماء الثانیۃ کما فعل فی الاولیٰ فلما دخل اذا بعیسیٰ علیہ السلام بجسدہ عینہ فانہ لم یمت الی الاٰن بل رفعہ اﷲ الی ہذہ السماء واسکنہ بہا‘‘

Gabriel asked for the second heaven to be open as he did in the first, and when he entered, he found Issa, peace be upon me, with his own body, as he did not die until now, but God raised him to this heaven and dwelt him in it.


ibn arabi-futuhat makiya vol3-page 6


“فانه لا خلاف ان عيسى عليه السلام نبي و رسول و انه لا خلاف انه ينزل في اخر الزمان حكما مقسطا عدلا بشرعنا لا بشرعه الذي تعبد الله به بني اسرائيل”


“For there is no dispute that Jesus, peace be upon him, is a prophet and a messenger, and there is no dispute that he will come down at the end of time, a just ruler by our law, not by his law, by which the children of Israel have worshiped Allah.”

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