As we all know, MGA denied all hadith on the Mahdi in 1891, 7 years earlier in the Barahin, MGA was prefacing his eventual claim of being the Mahdi and he posted a revelation wherein his head was on the thigh of Fatima (ra). In fact, just like Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, he totally denied the concept of the Mahdi. MGA forcefully quoted the famous weak-hadith, which asserted that the there would be NO Mahdi, except Eisa (As), MGA even claimed that 1000’s of Mahdi’s could come. However, the very next year (1892), he called himself as the “Mahdi of the era”. In 1894, MGA claimed that he found the hadith of the eclipses and thus, now there were 2 hadith which MGA was authenticating. 3 years later, in Anjam-e-Athim, MGA quoted a hadith from the book of Shaikh al-Tusi, the name of the book is Jawahir al-Asrar (quoted in the below)(a Shia book).
The older editions mention the term “Karah”, which falsifies the fact that the original copy mentions “Kadah”. Shia scholars claim that this Karah or Kadah was in Yemen. 2 years earlier, they had created the list of 313 companions of MGA (see Dard).

ee wiki Qern), Anjam-e-Athim, Appendix, pp. 324-328:

“”””Shaikh Ali Hamza bin Ali Malik Al-Toosi, in his book Jawahir-al-Israr published in 840 A.H. writes this about the Promised Mahdi: ‘(Farsi) It is in Arbaeen that the Mahdi will emerge from Kad’ah. (Arabic – Hadith): Said the Prophet (saw): the Mahdi will arise from a village known as Kad’ah and Allah the Exalted will verify him and will gather his companions from the far reaches of the land – on the number of those of Badr, 313 men – and with him will be a written book (or printed) in which will be the numbers of his companions with their names, places and occupations.”””
See Zafrullah Khan’s speech at the Wembely Conference of 1924, this was turned into a book, “Ahmadiyya, the True Islam”

“”Again, it had been written that the Mahdi would be born in a village called Kadaa, and he was born in Qadian, which the common people call Kadia or Kadi. It had been written that he would be affected by a slight stammer in his speech, and so he was. Again, it was written that the Messiah would have whitish complexion and straight hair, and he possessed them both. It was
written that his marriage and the offspring through that marriage would be of prophetical bearing; and so it came to pass with him, that he was informed beforehand that…””
See “Life of Ahmad” by Dard

See page 501

Scans from Jawahir al-Asrar of Shaikh al-Tusi



“As for the place of the Promised Messiah’s advent, it ought to be remembered that the emergence of the Antichrist has been foretold to take place from the East and this refers to our country. The author of Hijaj-ul-Kiramah writes that the disorder of the Antichrist is manifesting itself in India. And it is obvious that the Messiah must also appear in the same place that the Antichrist emerges. Then, it is narrated that the Messiah would appear in the village of Qad‘ah, which is short for ‘Qadian.’ It is possible that in Yemen a village by this name exists, but one ought to remember that Yemen is not to the east of Hijaz, rather it is to the south.” 
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