Just today, on the Aaqa Ka Ghulam channel, Dr. Gursharanjit Singh explained how Ahmadi’s are living in Qadian, India. Dr. Gursharanjit Singh was born in 1960 at Qadian. His family migrated to Qadian, India during partition (1947), they were from the Pakistan side of the Punjab. His family lived extremely close to the Ahmadiyya Mohalla. Dr. Gursharanjit Singh did his bsc from the Sikh National College, which is the old Talim ul Islam College building, which was built for free by the British government and given to the Ahmadi’s at Qadian and during Noorudin’s Khilafat. He then got an M.A. in religion. Then he did an Mphil. He eventually got a PHD in wrote his dissertation on Guru Nanak. He has gotten 20 books published. He is an authority on Sikhism.
In the 1980’s, he wrote against the Ahmadiyya Movement and was silenced, high ranking Ahmadi’s put the pressure on Dr. Gursharanjit Singh and he was silenced. For 30 years of his life he lived in Qadian (until roughly 1991-1992), even til this day, his family has properties and etc. there in Qadian. He has lots of family still there too. It seems that from 1986 to 2013 he was a professor at the Guru Nanak University at Amritsar. He was the head of the Religious studies Department. Nowadays, he is in Canada. Check out his youtube channel herein.

Dr. Gursharanjit Singh explained how Ahmadi’s in Qadian have no money and live under the iron fist of the Mirza family. He explained how Ahmadi’s purposely recognized themselves as non-Muslim in 1946, and thus lost Gurdaspur to India. He talks about the history of the Mirza family in Qadian. He also explained how Ahmadi’s drink alcohol in Qadian and inject themselves with drugs. He explains how the Ahmadiyya Movement is persecuting its own members in Qadian and around the world. He says that their slogan, ‘Love For All, Hatred For None” is a total sham. Ahmadi girls are fed up and sneak out to watch TV and movies. He explains how lots of his closest friends were Ahmadi’s. He said he would always ask Ahmadi’s as to why their Khalifa will never come and visit. Well, in 1991, Mirza Tahir Ahmad visited Qadian, and Mirza Masroor Ahmad in 2005.

Dr. Gursharanjit Singh also explains how MGA claimed to be the second coming of Baba Guru Nanak in his book, Satt Bachan. He explains how MGA used inauthentic Sikh sources and was thus academically dishonest.

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