The Mirza family played a shrill game of politics in terms of the partition of India. Zafrullah Khan and the Mirza family single handedly split up India per the British Governments request.  The Ahmadi’s were promised compensation and received it promptly when the govt. of Pakistan allowed the Mirza family to buy rabwah and run it as a state within a state, as well as a 99-year lease. Interestingly enough, outwardly, Mirza Mahmud Ahmad (The Khalifa) was against the creation of Pakistan. However, he was lying, and most likely just trying to keep the heat off of him, behind the scenes, he knew everything about the partition and was planning for it, in fact, he got a military escort as he fled from Qadian to Lahore during partition. In 1974, Mirza Nasir Ahmad urged Bhutto to declare Ahmadi’s as non-Muslims and he did just that, its all a big conspiracy. The Mirza family always wanted to move out of Pakistan, since its a 3rd world country. Mirza Tahir Ahmad completed the plan in 1984 as he got Ord-XX passed.


Some additional data

Source: Speech in Al Fazal from 13 Nov. 1946:

Consequently Ahmadis were not counted as Muslims when it came to divide India into Muslim Majority Pakistan and India.

This had some significant impact in some areas.

The Gurdaspur District in Punjab, where Qadian, the Ahmadi headquarter is located lost its narrow Muslim Majority and was awarded to India, giving India a considerably strategic advantage of a Quick access to Kashmir, that would prove essential for the Wars against Pakistan for Kashmir.

The entire district of Gurdaspur had a bare majority of 50.2% Muslims.[57] (In the `notional’ award attached to the Indian Independence Act, all of Gurdaspur district was marked as Pakistan with 51.14% Muslim majority.[58] In the 1901 census, the population of Gurdaspur district was 49% Muslim, 40% Hindu, and 10% Sikh.[59]) The Pathankot tehsil was predominantly Hindu while the other three tehsils were Muslim majority.[60] In the event, only Shakargarh was awarded to Pakistan. “

“The major part of Gurdaspur district, i.e. three of the four sub-districts and a small part of the fourth, had been handed over to India giving India practical land access to Kashmir, thus making the Indian intervention in Kashmir possible.[66] It came as a great blow to Pakistan. Jinnah and other leaders of Pakistan, and particularly its officials, criticized the Award as ‘extremely unjust and unfair’.[67] “


The Indian Perspective:

“New Delhi: If it was not for a last minute change of plan by Radcliffe, the entire Gurdaspur would have been a part of Pakistan when the line was drawn on land and on hearts of millions of Punjabis.

Eventually, only the Shakargarh tehsil – which was on the other side of River Ravi, was awarded to the new country.

This despite Muslims – when including Ahmadiyya sect – being in majority in the district in 1947.”

_____________________________________________________________________________________________The Pakistani perspective:

Stockholm University Professor Emeritus Ishtiaq Ahmed said “He was addressing a seminar on the partition of India and its impact on the Punjab at the Information Technology University. Ahmed said Pakistan’s claim on Gurdaspur was feeble as Ahmadis constituted a prominent part of the population in the area. He said Muslims in the district constituted a minority if members of the Jamaat Ahmadiyya were not counted among their ranks.”

The image above shows the protocol of the National Assembly Hearing which resulted in Ahmadis being declared non-Muslim per constituional amendment in Pakistan. In that hearing that exact fact was brought forward in the presence of the Ahamdiyya Khalifa number 3 and 4, Mirza Nasir Ahmad and Mirza Tahir Ahmad arguing that Ahmadis had caused lasting damage to India’s Muslims and Pakistanis by asking the British Government to be counted as Non-Muslims when it came to India’s Partition and thus ensuring that Pakistan lost out on Gurdaspur District and a large part of Punjab and ultimately by giving India a starteigc advantage in the fight for Kashmir.

Source: Page 367.

So both India and Pakistan Agree that Ahmadis are to blame for Gurdaspur beeing lost to India and resulting a strategic disadvanatage for Pakistan in the fight for Muslim majority Kashmir. Had the Gurdaspur district not been handed to India, Pakistan most likely would have been able to capture all of Kashmir and end the conflict quickly, but instead India was given the possibility to counter Pakistan and allow a decade long and costly war for both sides, which has impacted the develeopment of both countries for the last century and caused misery for the population of both countries.
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