In 2021, we estimate that there are less than 100 Ahmadi’s in the entire country. There are 2 Ahmadiyya places of worship (see in the below). The Ahmadiyya Movement totally lies and claims that Professor Wragge converted to Ahmadiyya in the 1917 (see Zikr-e-Habib). Professor Wragge had met MGA in Lahore in 1908, just a few days before MGA died of cholera. There are 2 Ahmadi missionaries in the country, they are also listed in the below.

Ahmadiyya Mullahs

Mustenser Qamar @MustenserAQamar


Sabah Al-Zafar


MGA’s famous doomsday prophecy is posted in The New Zealand Herald of April 21, harald april 21



The ROR of April-1914 has an essay by an unknown Ahmadi entitled, “Testimonies to the Truth of Ahmad’s Prophecies”. In this essay, the writer asserts that MGA predicted that Turkey would lose and then win (referring to Turkey during the Balkan War). This was a huge blunder, since 5-6 years later, the Ottoman Empire was totally dissolved and turned into a puppet government. The article also mentions how copies of this prophecy were sent to a famous journalist in New Zealand, Mr. J.L. Kelly, he praises MGA and claims to have seen copies of the Review of Religions at a library in New Zealand. However, he objected to the criticism’s of Christianity which were contained in the ROR. 

The ROR of July-1916 alleges that a lady named Miss Florence Harnett from New Zealand has
read the Review of Religions.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________ 1987
Ahmadiyya sources claim that it established itself here under the guidance of Khalifa IV, Mirza Tahir Ahmad in March 1987.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at New Zealand Inc. was established in March 1987 and the registration process completed as an incorporated society on 5 April 1988.






The first ever Jalsa Salana is held.

The 5th Khalifa visits the country.

In 2010, the community opened a proper communal kitchen to serve the community and guests. This new communal kitchen (Langar Khana) of MGA was completed in preparation for the community’s Annual Convention to be held on 27–28 January 2012.


Baitul Muqeet Mosque in Manukau, site was purchased in 1999. In November 2013, Khailfatul Masih V, Mirza Masroor Ahmad officially inaugurated the mosque.

Baitul Muqeet – Auckland New Zealand

This is the first purpose built mosque by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat in New Zealand in which the Jamaat is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2013. This mosque located in the Manurewa area of Auckland and has been inagurated by Mirza Masroor Ahmad on his Asia-Pacific tour 2013.
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