Umar-un-Nisa seems to be the eldest child of Mirza Ghulam Muhyuddin. She was married off to Mirza Ahmad Baig in roughly the 1840’s. Her brothers are the famous Imam ud Din, Mirza Nizam Din and Kamal Din, her only sister was Hurmat Bibi. Her daughter is the famous Muhammadi Begum. She had 2 additional daughters, Inayat Begum (Ahmadiyya sources claim that she joined Ahmadiyya) and Mahmuda Begum (Ahmadiyya sources claim that she joined Ahmadiyya). She had one son, Muhammad Beg.

Per Qadiani sources, she died on 1-31-1938 and allegedly joined Ahmadiyya in 1921 and did Wasiyyat in 1931. They also claim that she was 90 years old and her Wasiyyat number was 3456.

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