In the ROR of Jan-1943, his name is written as Mirza Ali Sher Beg. Dard spelled his name as Mirza Ali Sher Baig. He was MGA’s maternal cousin and brother-in-law from his first marriage with Hurmat Bibi. He grew up in Aima village, Hoshiarpur, Punjab, British-India. MGA went to Aima many times in his youth. His father was Mirza Jami‘at Baig, who was the elder brother of MGA’s mother, Charagh Bibi. His daughter (izzat bibi) was married in a cousin marriage with MGA’s son, Mirza Fazl Ahmad in the 1870’s, they had no children, since it was a cousin marriage. The family of Muhammadi Begum was also from the same area (Hoshiarpur).

In 1891, he opposed MGA during the Muhammadi Begum saga (see Dard). In 1903, he opposed the building of the famous minaret (see Dard). Per Ahmadiyya sources (the ROR of Jan-1943), he died of cholera in 1904, he had a white beard and was over the age of 50. Sayyid Zayn al’ Abidin Waliullah Shah alleges that in 1903, Mirza Ali Sher Baig cussed at him while reading Tasbih.

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