Mirza Ghulam Muhi-ud-Din or spelled as Mirza Ghulam Muhyuddin or Muhiyyuddin (died in 1866) was the paternal uncle of MGA, as well as the father of Imam ud Din, Nizam ud din, Kalam ud Din and their 2 sisters (see Punjab Chiefs) Mirza Ghulam Qadir brother married one of their sisters, Hurmat Bibi was her name, the other is Umar-un-Nissa, she was married to Mirza Ahmad Beg (See Mujadid e Azim, english abridged version). The daughter of Umar-un-Nissa and Mirza Ahmad Beg was the famous Muhammadi Begum. He was mentioned in the ROR of June-1939 and the ROR of Aug-1939.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________He enlisted in military service with the Sikhs in 1839

After Ranjit Singh died, Mirza Ghulam Muhi-ud-Din and his brothers, father and uncles were finally allowed to move back to Qadian (see 1865 edition). MGA was born soon thereafter.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________They served in the Sikh military for 9 years, until 1848

The Mirza family served the Sikhs as much as possible and to the end. When the Sikhs lost the Second Anglo-Sikh War, the Mirza family seems to have been immediately hired by the British government as military men.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________1848, the siege of Multan

Mirza Ghulam Muhi-ud-Din served for the British military during this siege. His brother (MGA’s father also), they seem to have suddenly left the Sikh military and joined the British.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The 1857 Sepoy mutiny

Mirza Ghulam Muhi-ud-Din’s brother, Mirza Ghulam Murtaza (MGA’s father) was honored by the British family for killing the sepoy’s who had mutinied. Mirza Imam ud Din also served as a Risaldar in Hodson’s horse (cited from ‘The Sepoy Rebellion of 1857-59 by AH Amin’)(original citation:  Pages-41 & 42-Chiefs and Families of Note in the Punjab-Volume Two, by Sir Lepel Griffin and revised by W.L Conran and H.D Craik, Civil and Military Gazette Press, Lahore-1910) during the Siege of Delhi. The British government thus allowed Mirza Imam ud Din to break the law with impunity.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The Mirza brothers are given a 700 rupee pension for the rest of their life and propriety rights over 7 neighboring villages

Since they were so loyal to the British, they earned a 700 rupee a year pension plus propriety rights over 7 villages. As well as tax collector status. No other Muslim family in the Punjab was favored as such. This includes all of MGA’s paternal uncles, Ghulam Muhammad, Ghulam Mustafa and Ghulam Haider. By 1883, all of these uncles and cousins of MGA were issueless and had died. Ghulam Haider’s had also died by 1883 and his only son Ghulam Husain was officially missing.
____________________________________________________________________________________________ 1864-1865—MGA and Mirza Imam ud Din go pick up their families pension

This pension of 700 rupees was supposed to be for the whole family to split up,It seems that the settlement court case of 1865 divided up the money of the Mirza family. However, MGA and his cousin-brother Mirza Imam ud Din never come home with the money until they spend it all frivolously. MGA was punished by being sent to Sialkot and never being allowed to see his mother ever again.

Mirza Ghulam Muhi-ud-Din dies. The same year, MGA’s mother dies and he returns to Qadian after the funeral. His grandson also died, the son of Mirza Ghulam Qadir.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________His children?

He had 6 children in total, they are as follows:

1—Mirza Nizam ud Din, the eldest son, was still alive in 1909, had one son died in 1907, Dil Muhammad. The other son is Gul Muhammad, who was raised by Mirza Imam ud Din.  He had a daughter who died at age 25 roughly during the Muhammadi Begum saga, she had an infant child which was probably raised by the extended family (See Dard also).
2—Mirza Imam ud Din had one daughter, she was married to Mirza Sultan Ahmad in roughly the early 1880’s.  They had a 2 sons.  Mirza Aziz Ahmad and Mirza Rashid Ahmad both became Ahmadi.
3—Mirza Kamal ud Din, was still alive in 1909, no male children.
4—Hurmat Bibi (1830 to 1927), she married her first cousin, MGA’s brother, Mirza Ghulam Qadir, they had 2 children, one daughter died as an infant, the son died in 1868.  Per Ahmadiyya sources, she converted to Ahmadiyya in 1916.
5—-Umar-un-Nissa, she was married to Mirza Ahmad Beg (See Mujadid e Azim, english abridged version). The daughter of Umar-un-Nissa and Mirza Ahmad Beg was the famous Muhammadi Begum, she had 2 sisters, Inayat Begum and Mahmooda Begum. They also had a brother named Muhammad Beg. Ahmadiyya sources claim that they call converted to Ahmadiyya.

6—UNKNOWN NAME was married to Mirza Akbar Baig, son of Mirza A‘zam Baig (see Dard)
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The grandchildren of Mirza Ghulam Muhi-ud-Din?

Muhammadi Begum, her brother Muhammad Beg and Gul Muhammad who was the son of Mirza Nizam ud Din.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The great grand children of Mirza Ghulam Muhi-ud-Din?

We have only found 2, Mirza Aziz Ahmad and Mirza Rashid Ahmad. The Al-Fazl of 1919 reports that only one girl was left alive in this family by 1919, and even she converted to Ahmadiyya.
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