Mirza Ahmad Baig (also spelled Beg) from Hoshiarpur was the father of the famous Muhammadi Begum, she was his eldest daughter(see Dard pages 175-176), he died on 9-30-1892, however, MGA and his team of writers made a silly mistake in “Ainah Kamalat e Islam”, they wrote that Ahmad Baig died on 9-31-1892, the same blunder was also in Maktubat, it was changed in later editions of “Ainah Kamalat e Islam”. He was married to the elder sister of Mirza Imam ud Din, Mirza Nizam ud Din and Mirza Kamal ud Din, her name was Umar un Nissa (possibly in 1874). Their father was Mirza Ghulam Muhi-ud-Din, this was Mirza Ahmad Baig’s father-in-law. Umar-un-Nissa and Ahmad Baig had 4 children, 2 daughters, Inayat Begum and Mahmooda Begum and 2 sons, Mirza Mahmud Baig (See Haqiqatul Wahy, online english edition, page 697)and Muhammad Baig. Ahmadiyya sources claim that they all eventually converted to Ahmadiyya (see Dard page 336 and See Haqiqatul Wahy, online english edition, page 697 ). The Mirza family at Qadian and the Baig family at Hoshiarpur knew each other very well, in fact, MGA’s sister (Murad Bibi) was married to Mirza Ahmad Baig’s elder brother, Mirza Muhammad Baig in roughly the 1840’s, she died and had no children. Mirza Ahmad Baig’s sister was also married to another cousin of MGA, Mirza Ghulam Hussain, the son of Mirza Ghulam Haidar, who was the brother of Mirza Ghulam Murtaza and Mirza Ghulam Muhi ud Din. In the below, we will give a chronological explanation of MGA’s interactions with Mirza Ahmad Baig, his brother-in-law. Finally, it is rumored that Mirza Ahmad Baig was a follower of Nawab ud din Ramdasi, as was Mirza Sultan Muhammad and Muhammadi Begum. _____________________________________________________________________________________________
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Mirza Ahmad Baig’s siblings

—-Elder brother—Mirza Muhammad Baig who was married to MGA’s only sister (Murad Bibi).  They had no children at all. Mirza Ahmad Baig had wanted MGA to sign over the property to him in 1888. It is unclear whether MGA’s sister was still alive in 1888.

—-Sister–Imam Bibi, she was married to MGA’s first cousin, Mirza Ghulam Hussain in the 1850-60’s era.  He was missing from roughly 1863 to 1888.

—-Sister—Hurmat Bibi, she was married to Mirza Ali Sher Baig from Iqbal Ganj, Ludhiana. They had a daughter that was married to MGA’s son (Mirza Fazl Ahmad) in roughly the early part of the 1880’s. Mirza Ali Sher Baig was thus MGA’s brother-in-law from his first marriage. Mirza Ali Sher Baig was MGA’s first wife’s (also named Hurmat Bibi) elder brother.

January 1886

In 1888 MGA claims that he mentioned a prophecy to Mirza Ahmad Baig a few years back (See Dard, page 172). However, this is lie. MGA was on good relations with Mirza Ahmad Baig until his father died and court cases were issued between the Mirza family in terms of land disbursement wherein MGA lost (1884).

Feb, 20th 1886
MGA publishes his famous announcement vs. Lekh Ram and about the Promised Son. By 1888, MGA was connecting his proposed marriage with Muhammadi Begum to this prophecy also.  

June 8th, 1886
MGA writes letters to Noorudin wherein he claims that his God is ordering him to marry again for a 3rd time, and to thus have 3 wives. These were published after MGA died , hence, they are tampered with.

June 20th, 1886
MGA writes another letter to Nooruddin wherein he says that he is afraid that he is commanded by his God to marry a 3rd time, and this is unavoidable (See Dard pages 173-174).
_____________________________________________________________________________________________February of 1888

Ahmadiyya sources tell us that in roughly February of 1888, Mirza Ahmad Baig seems to have came to Qadian and asked MGA to make a deal. The issue was that Mirza Ahmad Baig’s sister (Imam Bibi) had been married to MGA’s cousin: Mirza Ghulam Hussain. Mirza Ghulam Hussain had went missing for roughly 25 years (1863 to 1888). He had lots of land in his and his wife’s possession, his wife possessed it for 25 years, however, per the rules of the Mirza family (Not Islam), if a person died with no children his land would revert to other family members.  However, this is unislamic, we are unsure where this tradition came from, however, the Mirza family was always playing this land-grabbing game. Mirza Ahmad Baig and his sister (Imam Bibi) knew that when Imam Bibi would die, the land would revert to MGA at 50% (+Mirza Sultan Ahmad) and 50% to his cousins (see Nuzul ul Masih, via the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah, pages 190-191). MGA knew that Mirza Ahmad Baig was desperate for concessions.  MGA then asked for his daughter in exchange for signing over the property to Mirza Ahmad Baig’s sister.

May 10th, 1888
The maternal uncles of Muhammadi Begum, Mirza Nizam-ud-Din and Mirza Imam-ud-Din, and also others of their party, not only publicized this matter verbally but also had Hazrat Mirza’s letters printed in newspapers to ensure the widest publicity. Thus, the Nur Afshan published a letter from MGA to Ahmad Baig (See Dard, page 172).

June 1888
The Arya Patrika, Lahore, page 5 also covered the story (See Dard, page 172).

July 10th, 1888
In his Ishtihar he declared that if she was not married to MGA her father would die within three years of her marriage to anyone else, and her husband would die within 30 months and that other calamities would also overtake the family. This was to be a sign for MGA’s cousins and relations, who dared to flout the authority of the Supreme Being (See Dard, page 330).
_____________________________________________________________________________________________July 15th, 1888

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s announcement of July 10th and 15th, 1888 vs. Muhammadi Begum and her family

MGA publishes another announcement about his cousins and their upcoming deaths.

The July 15, 1888 Announcement

“””[Arabic] I saw this woman [the mother-in-law of Ahmad Baig of Hoshiarpur, who was the grandmother of Muhammadi Begum and mother of Mirza Imam-ud-Din] and noticed the marks of weeping on her face and said to her: ‘O Woman repent, repent, for misfortune is pursuing your progeny and affliction is about to descend upon you. He [Mirza Ahmad Baig] will die and will be survived by several dogs.””” {Announcement of July 15, 1888 a sequel to the Announcement of July 10, 1888, Majmu‘ah Ishtiharat, vol. 1, p. 162](See Also, the 2009, online version of Tadhkirah, page 188).
_____________________________________________________________________________________________August 1888

By August of 1888, the entire Mirza family was against MGA and his marriage proposal for his niece. The list includes all family members of MGA, which includes both of his sons, and all of his cousins (see Mujadid e Azim, online abridged version, pages 228-268, specifically page 253).
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Aug 1888 to July 1890

2 years of total silence on this topic.

July 17th, 1890

MGA wrote a letter to Mirza Ahmad Baig offering him condolence at the death of his son, Mahmud (See Dard, page 331).
MGA says:

“””God Almighty will in any event bring Muhammadi Begum to me as a virgin or a widow and will remove all obstructions. He will certainly fulfill this and no one can obstruct Him.””(Izalah Auham, p.296)(see also, B.A. Rafiq, “Truth About Ahmadiyya, online version,, Retrieved on 6-7-19).

On 04 May 1891, Mirza Ghulam wrote a letter to Mirza Ali Sher Baig from Ludhiana. The contents of this letter have been translated in english are as under:-

My dear Mirza Ali Sher Baig Sallamahullahu taala

Assalamo alaikum wa rahmatullah.

God knows well that I don,t discriminate you and consider you a kind nature man and a person stead fast on religion Islam. The news I am giving you would pain you a lot. I want to leave those who call me a non issue and don,t care about religion. You know how much enmity has developed among the members of your house regarding my proposal for Muhammadi Begum.

Now I have come to know that her marriage is taking place to some other person on the third or fourth day after Eid festival. Your family is supporting this marriage in my opposition. You know the people supporting this marriage are enemy to me and enemy to Islam as well. They want to please christians and hindus to cause pain and humiliation to me. They have decided to put me under their sword. Only god can save me from them. Why don,t your family do their counselling in this regard. Do they think I was a Choora or Chamar (Janitor or sewerage worker), as if my proposal was an insult to them ? Now they are all in harmony with each other for the marriage of the girl and to oppose and leave me alone.

By the way I don,t care about their girls all I wanted is that the girl be married to me and her children to become my heirs, but they wanted me to be be humiliated and be a black faced one, but it is god that can humiliate whoever he wills. They want to put me into burning fire. I wrote to them not to break old relations. Your wife said she don,t care about relation with me she don,t even cared for if my son Fazal divorce Izzat Bibi. She said she is with her brother Ahmad Baig. She said she does not even care if this man (MGAQ) dies somewhere. Why did he survied while dying and wished if i would have died. These are the feelings of your wife reached to me.
Then I sent a letter to her through registered post saying If I was so bad a person in your opinion then you don,t have to continue relations with my Son Fazal I am writing him to divorce his wife Izzat Bibi. So the day Muhammadi Begum is married to someone else, Fazal Ahmad would divorce Izzat Bibi but if he did not do that, I will deprive him from the right of inheritance.

But if you fight Ahmad Baig for me and get his decision changed in my favour then I will advise Fazal Ahmad who is under my obedience to put every effort to keep Izzat Bibi happy at home. My wealth would be their wealth. Now you write to Ahmad Baig and refrain him from marrying Muhammadi Begum to someone else. Otherwise I swear upon god that I would break all my relations from them. If Fazal ahmad wants to have the right of my inheritance, he would have to do whatever I wish from him.

All these things have come to my knowledge through letters but I don,t know how much to believe them.

Humble self Ghulam Ahmad
From Iqbal Ganj, Ludhiana,
Dated :- 04 May 1891.

(Kalimatul Fazl Rehmani by Qazi Fazal Ahmad Court Inspector Ludhiana. Pages 126-127 , Raees e Qadian page 245.)

The scans


Bismillah, Nahmaduhu wa nusalli

Mother of Izzat Bibi should know that she and family are planning the marriage of Muhammadi Begum in few days. I have sworn upon god that I will break all my terms with them because of this marriage. So I am writing it as a well wisher to persuade your brother to stop this marriage. Do whatever you can. Otherwise I have written to Molvi Nuruddin and Fazal Ahmad to send his Talaqnama (Divorce Deed) to izzat Bibi in case if you people do not stop this marriage plan. If Fazal Ahmad did not send divorce to Izzat Bibi, he would be deprived of right of my inheritance. He may not be considered one of my legal heirs after me and not to receive even a single penny from my property.

But I hope he would send a conditional divorce that if Ahmad Baig does not stop his plan of marrying Muhammadi Begum to some other person, then the day this Nikah is solemnised, 3 time,s divorce would fall upon Izzat Bibi. It would mean that the moment Muhammadi Begum is married to somebody else, Izzat Bibi would get three times Talaq. (Irrevocable divorce). So this is the conditional divorce and I am under oath not to accept anything less than that. If Fazal Ahmad did not agree to it he would lose the right to my inheritance. Then he would not receive a single grain from my property.

It would be better if you persuade your brother at this moment. I have tried my best to save the marriage of Izzat Bibi, but can not go beyond my limit. I warn you that I am not saying anything raw. I swear by god that I would do like this. God is with me. The day the marriage takes place, the marriage of Izzat Bibi would break.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad
From Iqbal Ganj Ludhiana,
4 May, 1891.
(Kalima Fazal Rehmani Auham e Qadiani, by Qazi Fazal Ahmad Court Inspector Ludhiana. Page 127)



_____________________________________________________________________________________________April 7th, 1892

Muhammedi Begum was married to Sultan Muhammad (see Dard, page 334).

September 30, 1892
Mirza Ahmad Baig dies (See the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah, page 188). However, MGA and his team of writers made a silly mistake in “Ainah Kamalat e Islam”, they wrote that Ahmad Baig died on 9-31-1892, the same blunder was also in Maktubat, it was changed in later editions of “Ainah Kamalat e Islam”.

SCAN from Ainah Kamalat e Islam Page 321, original edition

Scan from Maktubat

February 1893

Ainah Kamalat-e-Islam is published which contains MGA’s prophecy about Mirza Ahmad Baig and Muhammadi Begum.  

The winter of 1893
MGA and his team of writers mentions the death of Mirza Ahmad Baig as a sign of MGA’s truth. See “Shahada-tul Quran”, in english as “Testimony of the Quran”, see here a link to the english translation by the Lahori-Ahmadi’s.

“””(1) Mirza Ahmad Baig of Hoshiarpur should die within the limit of three years; (2) then his son-in-law, the husband of his elder daughter, should die within two and a half years; (3) Mirza Ahmad Baig should not die before the day of his daughter’s wedding; (4) the daughter too must not die before she is married, and then widowed, and then married a second time; (5) my humble self too should not die till all these events take place; (6) and then she should be married to myself. Obviously these events are not in human control. [Note 6]”””””

In Anjam-e-Athim, MGA mentions his prophecy vs. his cousins and other close relations.
Via Maulvi Sanaullah and “Tahrik-e-Mirza”

In 1884, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed that the Quran 61:09, 48:28 and 9:32 was also revealed to him

MGA mentions the faliure of the Muhammadi Begum prophecy but claims that he will marry her as widow.

“The prophecy regarding the daughter of Ahmad Baig, which is mentioned in the announcement, is a well known matter. She is the niece of Mirza Imamuddin. The letter to Mirza Ahmad Baig quoted in Kalima Fazl-e-Rehmani is mine and it is true that that woman has not been married to me, but she will definitely be married to me; as mentioned in prophecy. She got married to Sultan Mohammad as mentioned in the prophecy. I am telling you the truth in this court, where I have been ridiculed about things which are not from me but from God. A time is coming when all heads will hang in shame. It is clearly understood from the words of the prophecy and this was the prediction: that she will be married to somebody else. The prediction of the death of this girl’s father and the death of her husband was conditional and the condition was repentance and turning back to Allah. The girl’s father failed to repent therefore died within a few months of the marriage. The second part of the prediction was fulfilled, the fear of its fulfilment gripped her
family and especially her husband, who was a part of the prophecy. They repented. Her relatives and loved ones sent letters, so God Almighty gave him respite. The woman is still alive, she will assuredly come into my wedlock. What hope! I have firm belief. These are things of God, they cannot be annulled, it is bound to happen.”

Ahmadiyya newspapers report on 18 August 1902: Mirza Ahsan Baig formally requested to be part of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat. He was the grandson of Mirza Ahmad Baig, son-in-law of Mirza Ahmad Baig and brother-in-law of Muhammadi Begum.  He was married to one of the younger sisters of Muhammadi Begum.

“””About eighteen years ago, I had an opportunity to visit Maulavi Muhammad Husain Batalavi, Editor of Isha‘atus- Sunnah at his house. He asked me whether I had received any revelation lately and I mentioned to him the revelation, which I had already mentioned several times to my friends:

[Arabic] A virgin and a widow.

I interpreted this to him and to all others to mean that: God has intended to bring two women to me in marriage—the first time a virgin and the second time a widow. The first part of the revelation, relating to a virgin, has been fulfilled By Allah’s grace, I have four sons from that wife. I await fulfilment of the part about the widow. “””[Tiryaqul-Qulub, p. 34, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 15, p. 201](See Also, the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah, pages 50-51).

November of 1902
In MGA’s book, “Ijazi i Ahmadi” or “The Miracle of Ahmad”, the 2019 online english edition, page 16:

“””What is more, when they speak of the son-in-law of Ahmad Baig, they never tell the people that a part of the prophecy has already been fulfilled within the stipulated period; i.e. Ahmad
Baig died within the given time-frame and that the second part of the prophecy awaits fulfilment. They also withhold the fact that it was a prophecy of wa‘id [warning] and was subject to certain conditions as is evident from the revelation:

توبی توبی فإن البلاء علٰی عقبك

Repent, repent for misfortune is about to befall your progeny.

Which had been published a number of times. It was obviously natural to be overcome by fear after witnessing a death like that of Ahmad Baig, and it was this fear that caused the deferment of the fulfilment of the second part of the prophecy. For indeed such is divine practice regarding the prophecies of wa‘id. However, the malicious opponents of mine never mention these facts; instead, like the Jews they distort facts and make speeches that create doubts in the hearts of ignorant people.””””|

In “Haqiqatul Wahy”, MGA mentions Mirza Ahmad Baig on pages, 219-220, 231, 233, 237, 238, 280, 492, 493, 576, 577, 696, 697, 710, 714, 715.  MGA basically says that even though Muhammadi Begum was still alive and married with children, the prophecy was conditional and thus fulfilled.

“… The fear of Ahmad Baig’s death overcame them, which resulted in him nullifying one part of the prophecy.” (Badr, 23 April 1908, p.4).

June-July 1908, Nooruddin comments on the failed prophecy of Muhammadi Begum
“””Now, I would like to remind all the Muslims who have had and still have faith in the Noble Qur’an that since those addressed in it include also their offsprings, successors and those like them, then, can this prophecy not include the daughter, of Ahmad Beg, or the daughter of that daughter ? Does your law of inheritance not apply the regulations regarding daughters to their daughters ? And are the offsprings of the Mirza not his agnates ? I had often told dear Mian Mahmood (Mian Bashiruddin Mahmood, a son of the Mirza and the second head of the Qadiani movement after Hakim Nuruddin. ) that even if the Mirza were to die and this girl did hot enter into his wedlock, my adoration of him would remain unshaken.”””” (Review of Religions, Vol. VII, no. 726, June and July, 1908, p. 279 (cited from Qadiani Mazhab).
October 1908

Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya Vol. 5 is published.  MGA mentions Ahmad Baig on pages, 254, 255, 494, 495.

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