We have a found book that was published by Anjuman khasmaan e Rasool Lahore, at the end of the book the date given, 12 Dec 1979. This book was written by Abdul Razzaq Mehta, who was the son of Abdul Rahman Qadiani, who was called intimately as Abdul Rahman bhai. They seem to have all quit Ahmadiyya by 1947. This book contains letters from the Sadr-e-Anjuman, some very controversial interviews.

The famous book, “Ashab e ahmad”, Vol. 9 is all dedicated to him and his brother Abdul Rahim Qadiani. Abdul Rahman Qadiani was a sikh who wore huge bangles, he became ahmadi in 1904. Mir Hamid Sialkoti sent him to qadian with a letter of confirmation in 1895.

On page 20 of this book, a story is given wherein the 2nd Khalifa was raping/sexually assaulting his own daughter, Amtul Rasheed. The 2nd Khalifa even gave a friday sermon about this incident, it seems that he took his women-folk down to the river Beas and was witnessed fondling them (1934). Miss Rufo (she was an italian prostitute) was also there and seems to have objected to the Khalifa fondling his daughters and etc. Miss Budd was also most likely there (the 2nd wife of Mufti Muhammad Sadiq). The mother of the current Khalifa (Mirza Masroor Ahmad) was also there, her name is Nasira Begum. You can watch Mufti Mubasher Shah’s explanation herein (from 2:14 to 6:12). Also check out the testimony of Professor Ghulam Rasul herein and Fauzia Faizi’s testimony on sexual abuse in the Mirza family and lastly, the recent testimony by Nida Al-Nasser wherein she accuses many top ranking Ahmadi’s of rape.

The book

Mirzaeon Ki Rohani Shikargah


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