Rabwah is not a safe place at all. I was born in Rabwah and was there in 1989, 2003 and 2004. In 2003, I saw Ahmadi’s watching pornography at an internet cafe and was totally shocked. I then went home to my mother’s Mammoo’s house (Mamoo Taj) and asked my cousin Atiq Shah if this was normal, he explained how it was more than normal. Atiq Shah said that he had even started one a few years ago and had got caught and banned from Rabwah for one year.

Nevertheless, I got married into the Qureshi family, with the daughter of Amtul Rasheed. Amtul Rasheed’s eldest brother was Hameed ullah Qureshi. Her youngest brother was the famous Bashir Billa. Bashir Billa is the same age as the current Khalifa and represents the first generation of Ahmadi’s that were raised in Rabwah. I went to his house and he told me that his work situation was accepting bribes and paying off police officers. I thought this was all very odd, and since his brother was a police officer, he must have been making lots of money.

Before Bashir Billa, Aziz Bambri was the main gangster of Rabwah. Najma Yousaf talked about the crimes of Bashir Billa and his brother herein.

Bashir Billa

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