I rarely lie, al hum do lillah, Allah put this in me. I am also the kid who would wake every morning at 4am, deliver newspapers in my neighborhood, then return home and give the Adhan, wake every one up in the house, then read Quran for about an hour, then go the local liquor store and buy milk and the newspaper, I would then take the newspaper and transcribe the baseball stats of my favorite team (the Mets) into my own binders and keep running totals in terms all offensive and pitching categories. This type of work ethic can only be found in DNA, this is not learned behavior.

My father Khadim Shah hated working, he hated it so much he was willing to make a deal with the devil (the Mirza family) and thus he converted to Ahmadiyya when he was only 15 and they gave him a job (Wabda in Pakistan) and a wife. After this, he promised to starve his wife and kids to collect chanda for the Mirza family and do tabligh.


Via the ROR of Dec-1943, a Friday Sermon of the 2nd Khalifa from Nov-2-1943 is given in english. This speech is entitled, “Tableegh-i-Ahmadiyyat, in this speech, the 2nd Khalifa is urging Ahmadi’s to do tabligh (to cuss at people)(this is the Ahmadi jihad). 

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