The non-cooperation movement was a political campaign launched in 1920, by Mahatma Gandhi to have Indians revoke their cooperation from the British government, with the aim of inducing the British to grant self-governance. In 2020, the Ahmadiyya Movement created a new policy in terms of Ahmadi’s attending protests.

In 1913, when Muslims protested in the streets of Cawnpore, they were shot indiscriminately, and the ahmadiyya movement sided with the British government. The Ahmadiyya Movement never worked with Ghandi, nor did they help in the 1919 boycott (See the Mar-Apr-1919 edition of the ROR). The ROR Mar-Apr-1919 even tells us how some Ahmadi’s saved the life of Lieutenant A.C. Tatum in Hafizabad, the Ahmadi’s were Bashir Hayat and Choudri Inaytullah Khan. They even brag about how Ahmadiyya students at Islamia College worked with the government to help (see the ROR of Sep-1921 and July 1921). In fact, the ROR of 1921 reports that the 2nd Khalifa was totally against the non-cooperation movement in British which was led by Ghandi. The Feb-1921 edition of the ROR also mentions the non-cooperation movement and how the Ahmadiyya Movement is against it. The Jan-1921 edition of the ROR tells us that an Ahmadi professor named Maulvi Hakam Ali (B.A.), who was teaching at the Islamia College in Lahore (MGA died about 100 yards from here) was attacked by students of all backgrounds for not helping with the non-cooperation movement. Just a year earlier, the 2nd Khalifa gave a speech at the same Islamia college (on 2-26-1919). The Dec-1920 edition of the ROR also discusses how the Ahmadiyya Movement is against the non-cooperation movement. The ROR of Nov-1920 tells us the same. Ghandi was mentioned in the ROR of April-1934 also. Ghandi was mentioned in the ROR of Oct-1932 and March of 1933. Ghandi’s principle of Adinsa is discussed at length in the ROR of June-1933. Ghandi is mentioned in the ROR of May-1937 and Oct-1939. 

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