Watch my video on this herein. In terms of the Ahmadiyya Movement, the gay-rape culture is totally learned behavior that was taught from the Mirza family and onto their employees (murrabis), Afzal Upal and Akaash Ashar have testified about this thoroughly. Check out my video on this topic about a year ago. In fact, we still have the case pending in Allen, Texas, wherein an Ahmadi youth leader raped a young boy off and on for many months. Nevertheless, a few days ago, Imran Ahmad Khan MP was found guilty of sexually assaulting a boy who was only 15 years old. Where did Imran Ahmad Khan learn this behavior wherein young boys are raped by older men? We think it has to do with his upbringing in and around the Ahmadiyya Temple in London. In fact, Imran Ahmad Khan admitted to having a special relationship with Zafrullah Khan when he was less than 10 years old (see this tik tok, the full clip can be extracted herein, at the 5:19 mark), Zafrullah Khan was known to be gay and a rapist of young boys under the Ahmadiyya umbrella of protection.

It seems that there were 2 witnesses in this case, the boy that was sexually assaulted and his brother. Imran Ahmad Khan made some sexual advances onto both boys and was rejected. Nevertheless, Imran Ahmad Khan continued his pursuit and forced the youngster to drink gin, dragged him upstairs and asked him to watch gay-pornography before sexually assaulting him. He tried again to have the case heard anonymously on the first day of the trial on the grounds that as an Ahmadi Muslim, both the consumption of alcohol and homosexuality are strictly prohibited, and the reporting of those matters would expose him to “a risk to his safety both here and abroad”. Skynews has made a video about this saga and we have posted it herein.

His brother is the famous Karim Khan. Karim Khan was married to a daughter of Mirza Tahir Ahmad and his since taken a second wife. Karim Khan works as a chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, he was previously working as a British lawyer and a specialist in international criminal law and international human rights law. In 2022, he visited the Ahmadiyya-Humanity First stall in Poland and thus gave the Ahmadiyya Community free press and made it look like the Ahmadiyya Movement is helping refugees, which is a farce.

Photo of Zafrullah Khan and others massaging Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad in public

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