At the #usajalsa, Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad accused Ahmadi refugees of faking their asylum cases. He specifically called out those Ahmadi’s who are in Malaysia and Thailand, or who came from there and are not paying chanda anymore, and not volunteering themselves. We have archived this on tik tok. He also told how only 15% of Ahmadi’s are praying. He cited his speech at the USA Jalsa from 3 years ago, wherein he told the world that Ahmadiyya is dying and young ahmadi’s don’t care about the cult. In 2022, he cried endlessly about the future of Ahmadiyya in America. Remember, about 6 months ago, he was called a Lucha as he was implicated in the raping of Nida Al-Nasser. Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad has been very aggressive in his approach to Ahmadi’s in the USA, he accused young Ahmadi’s in America as experimenting with alcohol and other drugs. There is more also.


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