We have already covered how Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad reported in the summer of 2019 at the USA-Jalsa how Ahmadiyya was dying fast with American-born Ahmadi’s and how they were getting NO CONVERTS at all. Just a few months ago, at the West Coast USA Jalsa-2019 he said the same things. Ahmadi’s can be seen crying in the crowd, and if you look closely, there are barely any young-American-born-Ahmadi’s listening to the speech, which proves that young American-born-Ahmadi’s don’t care about Ahmadiyya. Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad tells us that they have lost an entire generation of young American/Canadian Ahmadi’s and are losing more and more by the day. All throughout the video, you can see older Ahmadi’s listening and crying. Interestingly, Kareem Ahmad, who is in court for involuntary man-slaughter was also there, he was the Obama Mega Donor in 2012. Mahershalalhashbaz Ali the famous Ahmadi actor was there on Saturday, he can be seen here at the 29:14 mark. All throughout this speech, Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad continues to scold Ahmadi’s in a very Desi way. his grandfather, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad had the same habit. MGA had the same vicious habits.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Highlights of the speech

He starts off by quoting Mirza Tahir Ahmad’s speech at Jalsa-Salana-Canada of 1991. The Khalifa scolded Ahmadi girls for not being dedicated to Ahmadiyya. Mirza Maghfoor goes on to say that Ahmadi’s are raising children who will become the children of someone else when they grow up. This is a desi-styled remark, “will become the children of someone else”, this is a curse word in Punjabi culture, if a man said this to another man, there would be a fight. However, Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad doesn’t care. He goes on to say that Ahmadi’s are marrying non-Ahmadi’s at an alarming rate. He says that Desi-parents like it if their kids speak english as their first language and wearing american clothes, they like it. Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad laments about all of this. He blames the parents for not properly brainwashing their kids to believe in Ahmadiyya. At 12:26, 14:18 and 19:30 he seems to start crying, as he reflects on the news that he just reported. He says it not just Canada, Ahmadi’s are leaving Ahmadiyya and not paying chanda in every single Jamaat in the USA and Canada. These are facts he says (see 13:20 mark). He goes on to say that the numbers of young Ahmadi’s that have left is chilling. Most elderly Ahmadi’s have become so numb, they don’t have any feelings anymore, since their children have severed all contact with Ahmadiyya. He laments that elderly Ahmadi’s can barely recognize their own children. He laments that this is the end of their grandchildren. He says that Ahmadi’s who marry outside of Ahmadiyya, have a zero chance of remaining Ahmadi’s. At 20:44 an Ahmadi is seen crying as he reflects on the death of Ahmadiyya in America. At 25:30 he claims that Ahmadi’s are different from the rest of Western Society. At 26:10 he tells Ahmadi’s to stop trying to blend in with American’s. At 26:53 he says that young Ahmadi’s need to make a decision, do they want to stick with the Jamaat or get out? They need to decide. At 27:25 he says that if Ahmadi’s can “become a man” and fight there inner struggles, then they are doomed. He reports that there were 1811 total attendees at this Jalsa. 857 are men (mostly elderly desi men), women were 814 and guests were 114.
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