In 1865, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s father (Mirza Ghulam Murtaza) told the British government that the Mirza family at Qadian descended from the Mughal race (Mughal means Mongol)(See Punjab Chiefs, 1865 edition). In fact, he linked his family with Hadi Beg and the final year of Babar’s reign as the Mughal Khalifa. It was alleged that Hadi Beg was a Mongol (Mughal). We think that this is a lie and MGA was never part of any lineage of kings.

Nevertheless, after his dad (Mirza Ghulam Murtaza) died and with the publishing of the Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya 1-4 (1879-1884), MGA was prefacing to the world that he was Persian and he would use this for his claim of being the Mahdi in the future. In BA-4, MGA had a revelation wherein his God told him that he was Persian (See page 372, online english edition). In 1891, after MGA made his wildest claims, he quoted 62:3 of the quran and the relevant hadith and claimed himself to be Persian. However, in 1897-1898, via Kitab ul Barriya, MGA all of a sudden called himself as Chinese (See page 81, Lahori-Ahmadi translation). MGA and his team quoted Shaikh Ibn al-Arabi and his book, “Fusu s-ul-Hukam” (see page 15). Thus, MGA and his team saw something in “Fusu s-ul-Hukam” by Shaikh Ibn al-Arabi and twisted it. MGA never gave a proper reference, nevertheless, we have found the quote on page 15 and can confirm that this has nothing to do with the Messiah or Mahdi, Shaikh Ibn al-Arabi (a deviant) was talking about the Final hour and how there would be lawlessness, and a man, who is born in China would try to correct it. In 1901, as MGA finally claimed prophethood, MGA claimed to be Persian again and didn’t mention anything about being Chinese, MGA also called himself an arab on his mothers side (Fatimite).

In 1903, MGA made the same lie about being Chinese in Tadhkiratush Shahadatayn (see ref in the below). Again in 1907, via Haqiqatul Wahy (See pages 254), MGA claimed that he had been given divine revelations which indicated that he was of Chinese descent. And finally in 1908, via Chashma-e-Marifat, MGA explained that some of his ancestors might have lived in Chinese lands, also MGA confesses to a contradiction between his earlier and later writings on this topic. After MGA died, BA-5 was published and MGA claimed to only be Mughal (Mongol) per the report by Ibn Arabi (but the report said born in China). MGA said that his God has declared him to be Persian on his paternal side and Arab (from the progeny of Fatima) on his maternal side and thus, MGA contradicted all of his writings (see pages 487-488).

The quote from Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya vol. 4, online english edition, see page 372

“””In this revelation the naming of the spiritual Adam has been explained. That is to say, as the birth of Hadrat Adam, may peace be on him, was without the intervention of means, in the same way, the Spirit is breathed into a spiritual Adam without the intervention of any visible means. This breathing of the Spirit in its true reality is unique to the Prophets, may peace be upon them, and then this bounty is bestowed upon some special individuals from among ummat-e-Muhammadiyyah, on account of their submission [to the Holy Prophet saw] and by way of inheritance [from him]. And all prophecies which are mentioned in these [revealed] phrases are evident. Thereafter He said:
نصرت وقالوا لات حین مناص۔

You have been helped and they said, ‘Now, there is no way of
escape left.’
ان الذین کفروا وَ صدوا عن سبیل الّٰل رد علیھم رجل من فارس شکر الّٰل سعیہ۔

A man of Persian descent has written the refutation of those
who have disbelieved and have obstructed [people] from the path of Allah. Allah appreciates his effort.

کتاب الولی ذوالفقار علی۔

The book of the wali [friend of Allah] is like Dhulfaqari ‘Ali [the sword of Ali]. This means that it annihilates the opponent. As the sword of Ali performed wonderful feats in grave dangerous expeditions, so will this book. This is also a prophecy which indicates the great effectiveness and the widespread blessings of the book.”””
The quote from Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya vol. 4, online english edition, see pages 379-380

“””At this point I recall a very clear vision which was as follows: Once, after Maghrib prayer, while I was fully awake, I was overtaken by a slight numbing of my faculties resembling a mild intoxication and had a wonderful experience. First, there was a sound of some people walking briskly, as the sound made by shoes when one walks fast; and then five very dignified, pleasing, and handsome personages came into my vision—namely, the Messenger of God, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, Hadrat Ali ra, Hasnain ra [Hasan ra and Husain ra], and Fatimah az-Zahra’, may Allah be pleased with all of them. One of them, and as I recall it was Hadrat Fatimah, may Allah be pleased with her, out of great affection and kindness like a loving mother, placed this humble one’s head upon her thigh. Then, I was given a book concerning which I was told, ‘It is a commentary on the Quran, which has been compiled by Ali and now Ali bestows this commentary upon you.’ فالحمد لّٰل علٰی ذٰلك [So Allah be praised for all this].”””

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(See page 81)

“”Similarly, it has been repeatedly conveyed in clear Hadith reports that that Promised Messiah will appear at the time of the power and supremacy of the Christians. During his time, the railway train and the telegraph will come into existence.4 Canals will be dug and mountains will be torn apart. Because of railway trains, camels will be redundant. Shaikh Ibn al-Arabi notes a vision of his in Fusu¯ s-ul-Hukam that he will be the Seal of Sainthood and will be born as a twin: a girl will be born along with him. He will be Chinese, i.e. his ancestors would have lived in the Chinese lands. Now the will of God the Most High has fulfilled all these things. I have written that I was born as a twin, there being a girl born along with me. My ancestors lived in Samarqand which is connected with China.”””
Tadhkiratush Shahadatayn [The Two Martyrs]. Ziaul Islam, 1903. R. K. xx. 35

“””The sixteenth characteristic of the Prophet Jesus was that, being born without a father, he was like the Prophet Adam. Similarly, I being born a twin have a resemblance of a sort with the Prophet Adam: according to what the sage Mohiyudeen ibn ‘Arabi has mentioned about the Seal of the Caliphs to be of Chinese ancestry that is to say of Mongol origin, to be born the second of twins, a girl being born first, I was born exactly the same way on a Friday morning. It is not known from where ibn ‘Arabi got hold of this prophecy, but it has come to pass. This prediction is to be found in his books to this day.””



Chashma’-e-Ma‘rifat quotes and background information

Chashma e Ma’rafat [Fountain of Gnosis]. Anwar e Ahmadiyya Machine Press, 1908. Page-330

“””So however negligently this humble one may be perceived even so God has chosen this same man of his as the Seal of Caliphs of this Ummah. It was about me that the Shaykh Muhiyudeen ibn ‘Arabi had made a prophecy which was fulfilled in me and that is that the Seal of Saints who is also named the Promised Messiah will be of Chinese origin. That his family ties would originate in China and also that he will be born a twin [and] a girl will accompany him and she will be born before him at the time of labour and he will be born thereafter. So this is in exact accord with the nature of my birth and I was born a twin on a Friday morning. It is possible that this is a vision of the Shaykh Muhiyudeen ibn al-‘Arabi himself or a Hadith that [had] reached him. Anyhow that prophecy was fulfilled with my birth and up till now nobody has been born in Islam except me who is of Chinese origin and also a twin and then he has claimed to be the Seal of Caliphs.”””
Chashma e Ma’rafat [Fountain of Gnosis]. Anwar e Ahmadiyya Machine Press, 1908. Page-331

“”This prophecy of the Shaykh Muhiyudeen ibn al-‘Arabi apparently contradicts that Word of God
which was revealed to me and published in my book Barahin e Ahmadiyya because this Word
declares me to be of Persian origin as Almighty Allah states in Barahin e Ahmadiyya ‘Hold fast to
Unity, hold fast to Unity, O sons of Persia.’ * Then in another place in the same Barahin e Ahmadiyya he states ‘Those who have obstructed people from the way of Allah, have been refuted by a man of Persian origin. Allah appreciates his effort.’ So those people who are enemies of Islam and block the way of God have been frustrated by a Persian person (this humble one) and God appreciates his effort. Then [He] states in a third place in This same Barahin e Ahmadiyya [where] it is stated ‘Had faith ascended to the Pleiades, a man of Persian origin would have brought it down thence’ so that if faith had risen from the Earth and ascended to the Pleiades even so a man from Persia (that is this humble one) would reach up to there and bring it back. The answer to this conflict is that lots of Muslims had spread across China through the missions of Islam and their preaching resulted in many millions of Chinese converting to Islam and this is why there are over 6000000 Muslims in China even today so it is possible that some Persians had also moved to China and preferred to be called Chinese just as many from among the Arabs who first came to Hindustan were known as Indians as are all Syeds and Qureshis and there is no doubt about it that our family is commonly believed to be a Mongol family which is doubtless of Chinese origin although whatever God has disclosed is correct without a doubt.

*Almighty God has appended an A and an L to the word Persia [al meaning ‘The’ in Arabic] when
according to the rules of syntax it ought to have been just Persia. The Word of God does not
conform to human syntax in every single instance such phrases and pronouns that are against humangrammar are also found in The Holy Quran.

Chashma e Ma’rafat [Fountain of Gnosis]. Anwar e Ahmadiyya Machine Press, 1908. page 334

“””It is also a Sign for me that the Muslims who are my enemies and swear at me in opposition and call me a disbeliever adhere to books which mention to this day that when the Awaited Mahdi comes he will be called a disbeliever and rejected and the clerics of Islam will come very close to killing him. Thus this is exactly what Mujaddid Alf Thani writes in one place and the Shaykh Muhiyudeen ibn al-‘Arabi also writes this in one place. So there is no doubt about it that despite the many thousands of Signs which Almighty God showed for me I have been made the target of extreme hatred and they distort and change the meanings of my books like the Jews did and add many things from themselves in order to raise hundreds of objections so that I seem to be claim a continuous prophethood and seem to swear at prophets of God and blaspheme against them and as if I deny the existence of miracles. So I present all these complaints before Almighty God and I know for certain that He with his Grace will decide in my favour because I am oppressed.”””


MGA and his team quoted Shaikh Ibn al-Arabi and his book, “Fusu s-ul-Hukam”

“””It is in the footsteps of Shith that the last of this human species will be born, and he will carry
his secrets. There will none of this species born after him, so he will be the Seal of the
Begotten. A sister will be born with him, and she will emerge before him, and he will follow
her with his head at her feet. He will be born in China, and he will speak the language of his
country. Sterility will spread in men and women, so there will be much cohabitation without
conception. He will call people to Allah, but will not be answered. When Allah takes him and
the believers of his time, those who remain will be like beasts, not knowing what is lawful
(halâl) from what is unlawful (harâm). They will act according to their natural instincts with
lust, devoid of reason and law. Upon them the Last Hour will occur.”””

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