In this video, Rao Abdul Rahim Sahib explains how the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s have been caught illegally publishing their false Quran’s from Rabwah and sending them to West Africa, England, Japan, Denmark and a few others. Rao Abdul Rahim Sahib specifically highlighted 2:4 (2:5 in the Qadiani Quran). Rao Abdul Rahim Sahib reports that this has been going on since 2013, and it was reported to human rights groups and anyone they could get a hold of.

Finally, an order came down from the Supreme Court and the Deegar Wazir-e-Azim house to go to Rabwah and inquire about this situation. A committee was formed to investigate further. The committee contacted the leadership at Rabwah and asked to come to Rabwah, they refused. This was the Quran Board of Pakistan.

By 2018, the situation was ongoing. It seems that the Ahmadiyya leadership came to court and totally denied that this printing press belonged to the Ahmadiyya community (they did this with Al-Fazl and Al-Hakam many years ago also). The court told Ahmadiyya leadership to stop these printing presses and these people who are uploading Ahmadiyya literature. Somehow, an Ahmadi was found and his phone was searched by Pakistani authorities and the truth came out, they found the people who were giving them money, and how their entire operation was being ran. As the investigation was about to complete, some man named Shahid Javed (DIG) immediately suppressed this investigation. In the end…the courts ruled that these Ahmadiyya Quran’s should be confiscated and this entire process should be stopped. However, this was never implemented. Rao Abdul Rahim Sahib explains that this is a contempt of court.

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