Barely 1554 people attended, mostly guests (see at the 4:04:39 time stamp)(This is a 3-day total, thus, most people were counted 3 times). They didn’t announce new converts, since the number is less than 10 in all of america and with an alleged 30 million dollar budget. There are 40-50 Ahmadi rabbi’s running around and the target number for conversions for 2023 is 1000, set by the Khalifa. As you can see, most of the Ahmadi’s slept through the boring and weird speeches. It should also be noted that Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad didn’t yell at Ahmadi’s as he famously did in 2019. They also confessed to buying ad-words in the USA. They claim to have bought a search in google wherein if anyone searches for “how do i become a Muslim” in the USA, the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s are the first hit (in the usa only), this proves the desperate nature of Ahmadiyya tabligh. Anwar Khan even explained the psychology of why Qadiani-Ahmadi’s lie about their growth rates.

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Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad tells the world that Ahmadiyya is dying fast in the USA at the West Coast Jalsa-USA-2019


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