The Feb-1940 edition of the ROR mentions the 1939 Jalsa at Qadian. It mentions how A.Q.Niaz wrote a book about the 2nd Khalifa entitled, “Fazl-i-Omar”. The ROR of March-1940 has a review of a Lahori-Ahmadi essay in “The Light” of Jan-16, 1940. The Lahori-Ahmadi’s seem to have commented on the Silver Jubilee (the 25-year anniversary of the 2nd Khalifa’s Khilafat). The 2nd Khalifa gave the inaugural speech on Dec-26, 1939, he mentioned the Lahori-Ahmadi’s and how that conflict happened 25 years ago, he specifically mentioned Dr. Mirza Yacub Baig. The 2nd Khalifa alleged that Qadian would be controlled by Christians, ironically, 8 years after this speech, the Sikhs had taken full control of Qadian and control it til this day (2023). The 2nd Khalifa even made prophecies that Ahmadi’s of Rabwah would return to Qadian (including himself). The 2nd Khalifa also alleged that alleged that word had come from Sierra Leone that 2 Chiefs and their tribe of 500 had accepted Ahmadiyya (a lie)(See also Alfazl, 3 January 1940).
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In 1939, #Ahmadis were forced to pay the 2nd Khalifa almost 300,000 rupees with no accounting records


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