Per Seeratul Mahdi (1923)(see the full ref in the below), Mirza Ghulam Ahmad never gave a Friday Sermon in his whole life. In fact, even in MGA’s youth, up to age 40+, he never attended any congregational prayer at any masjid, in fact, he never stepped into any Masjid until he built his father built one in 1876 (Masjid Aqsa, and we have no stories of MGA ever going) and then Masjid Mubarak (1883)(an extension on MGA’s house).

_____________________________________________________________________________________________MGA never delivered a Friday Sermon either

Story (Riwayat) number 155, The reason for 2 Juma’s at Qadian
Seeratul Mahdi V.3, Page 588-89

“””Abdullah Sanauri relates, in the beginning (1884 era), Hazrat Sahib would give the adhan himself and would be the imam himself, khaksar tells (Mirza Bashir Ahmad), after that Maulvi Abdul Karim became the imam of prayers, and it is hearsay that actually Hazrat Sahib (MGA) appointed Noorudin to be the main imam at Qadian (because Noorudin moved to Qadian in 1893 and Abdul Karim was there already in 1890). However, Maulvi Sahib (Noorudin) appointed Abdul Karim to be the imam (it is unclear whether this encompasses Masjid Aqsa or Masjid Mubarak)(It seems that Masjid Aqsa was only used for Friday prayers or Eid, whereas Masjid Mubarak was used for regular prayers). Uptil Abdul Karim died (1905), he remained as the imam for regular prayers at Qadian (most likely in Masjid Mubarak). Hazrat Sahib (Noorudin) used to stand on the right hand of Abdul Karim and the rest of the people were behind them. Maulvi Abdul Karim sahib wasn’t present, and after his death, Maulvi Nooruddin became the imam for daily prayers at Qadian. In terms of Friday prayers, the custom was (in the earlier times, 1884 era) and sometimes in the latter days (of MGA’s life), the times wherein MGA was feeling well, Juma used to be delivered in the big mosque (Masjid Aqsa), and Maulvi Abdul Karim was the imam (that gave the Friday Sermon). After that, when MGA’s health was bad (which was normal), Maulvi Abdul Karim would deliver the Friday Sermon in Masjid Mubarak (just for MGA) and Maulvi Noorudin would deliver the Friday Sermon at Masjid Aqsa. After Maulvi Abdul Karim died (1905), in Masjid Mubarak, Maulvi Muhammad Ahsan sahib was the imam for Juma prayers, and when Ahsan Amrohi was absent, Maulvi Muhammad Sarwar Shah would deliver the Friday Sermon. In the big mosque (masjid Aqsa), Maulvi Noorudin would be the imam for Juma prayers.This was the normal routine until Hazrat sahib (MGA). Eid prayers were normally delivered by Maulvi Abdul Karim, and after his death, Noorudin was the imam (of eid prayers). In terms of funeral prayers, when Hazrat Promised Messiah (MGA) he was present in the congregation, he (MGA) would lead the Janaza prayers.”””””


SM, Volume 1, page 148, from, 2008 edition
“”Hazrat Sahibzada Bashir Ahmad, M.A., Khaksar, relates that Hazrat Promised Messiah, during his final days (1904-1908), friday prayers were delivered at 2 places in Qadian. The first one was Masjid Mubarak, in which Hazrat Sahib (MGA) would attend himself, and Maulvi Syed Muhammad Ahsan sahib or Maulvi Syed Sarwar Shah sahib used to be the imam of the prayer (the person who gave the lecture and led the prayer), at the other masjid (Masjid Aqsa) wherein Hadhrat Khalifa-1 would be the imam (Noorudin before his Khilafat).The reason that there was 2 Juma services was because Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had poor health, thus, he could not go to Masjid Aqsa and since Masjid Mubarak was really small, thus, it didn’t have the proper space to fit all the worshippers (which were only men anyways). So, this is why there was Juma at 2 places in Qadian. We are talking about the time wherein Masjid Mubarak was being expanded (1901 era).”””

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