MGA was born in 1840. There was no mosque in Qadian at that time, nor was there any Friday Service that MGA’s father organized at Qadian. Thus, factually, MGA never went to any Juma-prayer uptil the time he began working in Sialkot he never attended any congregational prayers either. In MGA’s biographies, nothing is mentioned on this topic. Interestingly, nowadays, Ahmadi’s accuse me (the writer of this blog) of never attending Juma-Salat at the Qadiani place of worship in Northern California. Well, by 2006, I figured out that Ahmadiyya/Qadianiat was a family business, a total fraud. Thus, I refused to pray with them, I only went to the Ahmadi place of worship to play sports. They are bitter about this. This is the main issue. I joined Islam in 2015, and my entire life in Ahmadiyya has been forgiven. MGA came back from Sialkot in 1868. There was still no mosque in Qadian and thus no regular Friday Sermon. MGA’s father built a mosque in 1876 and died a few months right after. This is the famous Masjid Aqsa at Qadian. One more point, MGA never led prayers in his life, nor did he ever deliver a Friday Sermon. Nor did MGA ever have any oral debates, they were all written exchanges. MGA’s arabic tajweed was terrible too, his arabic also came with a Punjabi accent, he also stuttered terribly and never gave a public speech, thus MGA never had any oral debates. MGA also lied about learning Arabic miraculously overnight.

From 1876 to 1883 at Qadian
There were no friday sermons at the mosque in Qadian, there is no record of this anywhere. There is no record of MGA ever attending any imam’s friday sermons, nor did MGA ever pray behind anyone, since he never joined congregational prayers.

1883 to 1889
There were no Friday Sermons conducted anywhere in Qadian, nor were congregational prayers. In fact, MGA traveled to Aligarh and never attended congregational prayers at any mosque near the Aligarh University.

Maulvi Abdul Karim moves to Qadian and begins delivering the Friday Sermon at Masjid Aqsa and he begins leading the 5 daily prayers at Masjid Mubarak.

MGA never went to Juma-Salaat. He only attended the 5 daily prayers at Masjid Mubarak, which was connected to his house.

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