Mirza Hadi Beg never existed, in the mid-1860’s, the Mirza family and specifically Mirza Ghulam Murtaza lied to the authors of the Punjab Chiefs and alleged that he had an ancestor connected to Kings, specifically Babur. The name Mirza Hadi Beg never showed up in any Mughal literature. Nevertheless, the author’s of the Punjab Chief’s were told by Mirza Hadi Beg moved to the Gurdaspur District in 1530, Mirza Ghulam Murtaza also told them that Mirza Hadi Beg was appointed as a Qazi or Magistrate over 70 village that surround Qadian. In 1947, Dard went further and alleged that Mirza Hadi Beg was a Barlas nobleman and scholar and a direct descendant of Hajji Beg Barlas, a paternal relative of Timur, the 14th century ruler of Persia and Central Asia.

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