There are many clips of Mirza Tahir Ahmad boasting to his opponents and begging them to kill #Ahmadis. The Mirza family loves the persecution and need it for the business model. Check out these tik toks too, Mirza Tahir Ahmad wanted Muslims to persecute Ahmadi’s. He challenged Muslims as such.

I have written in many essays that Ahmadiyya leadership aka the Mirza family purposely got themselves declared as non-Muslim in 1974. As we all know, Ahmadis were basically declared as Muslim in 1954, since the govt. of Pakistan observed that there is no clear definition of a “Muslim” in the Quran or any hadith. All definitions from the hadith were found to be “confusing” and “unclear”. The truth is….every hadith report has a context, and that context is rarely ever discussed, most people, especially Ahmadis, they use hadith and “create-a-context”, and then present their queer views. Mirza Masroor Ahmad has also said many times how Ahmadi’s should confront people about their religious beliefs and never be afraid, controversy has always helped the Ahmadiyya Movement.
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The Mirza family loves the persecution, they call it free press


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