In this video (an episode of “Liqaa Ma’al Arab”), Mirza Tahir Ahmad accuses (1998) Murrabi’s in Kababir of standing in-between the Khalifa and the Arab-Israeli-Qadiani-Ahmadi’s of Kababir. We have archived some of this tik tok too. We don’t know who the Ameer of the Kababir jamaat was in 1998, nor do we know who the Murrabi was. However, we do know that in the early 1990’s, the father of the famous Ex-Ahmadi (Hassan Odeh) was a confirmed Ahmadi and he never quit Ahmadiyya. Thus, we are a bit confused. Nevertheless, in 1998, Mirza Tahir Ahmad was mad at the Ameer and the Murrabi who were both working in Kababir and in-charge of the entire Qadiani-Ahmadi operation in the middle east. Mirza Tahir Ahmad accused the missionary-in-charge of accepting the fact that Arab-Israeli-Ahmadi women and men have historically married non-Ahmadi’s since the 1950’s and thus, have left Ahmadiyya altogether. Mirza Tahir Ahmad alleges that some of the families of Kababir had broke ties with the Murrabi and thus, the murrabi’s rank in their eyes was lowered. The people of Kababir mocked the Murrabi and constantly ridiculed him. Mirza Tahir Ahmad goes on to say that the worst thing happened to the women of Kababir. He alleges that they lost all islamic values and married non-Ahmadi’s and thus forced the men of Kababir to also marry non-Muslims. Thus, by 1998, the Ahmadi’s at Kababir were all in rebellion against the Mirza family. Mirza Tahir Ahmad claims that the women of Kababir felt a sort of liberty wherein they mixed with the Jews of Kababir. Mirza Tahir Ahmad claims that the Murrabi began to accept the situation as-is. Thus, the Murrabi began to also indulge in the local customs, Mirza Tahir Ahmad called it idolatry, which caused a huge disaster in the jamaat in Kababir. Mirza Tahir Ahmad claims that he saw Ahmadi women from Kababir at the UK Jalsa and they were walking around arrogantly. Mirza Tahir Ahmad accused the women of Kababir of pretending to be good Ahmadi’s at the Jalsa, and soon as they returned to Kababir, they began to act modern again. Mirza Tahir Ahmad said the Ameer was incapable of leading the Kababir jamaat and in fact, he pretended to not know if the same man was still the Ameer. Towards the end, Mirza Tahir Ahmad says that he is looking for a replacement person, which he hadn’t found yet. However, a few months later, Sharif Odeh was made the Ameer of Kababir, Haifa, Israel and the surrounding areas (Syria, Egypt and Palestine). In 2003, when Mirza tahir Ahmad died, Sharif Odeh was invited to the UK and given the opportunity to vote as part of the Khilafat committee. Mirza Tahir Ahmad also talked about ex-ahmadi’s and how the new Ameer shouldn’t care if certain ex-Ahmadi’s return to Ahmadiyya or not. Mirza Tahir Ahmad also claims that he is looking for a new Murrabi. And he will not care what the people of Kababir say or do.

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