This is the Ahmadiyya headquarters in the Arab world. From Kababir, they manage Egypt, Syria, Israel and Palestine and all other small jamaats as they may open up for business.

Some prominent families are the Odeh family and the Shambor family. The Odeh family has been living in Kababir, Haifa, Israel for almost 100 years. Hassan Bin Mahmood Odeh is the most famous Ex-Ahmadi from the Odeh family (his grandfathers were the first 2 original converts to Ahmadiyya in 1928. Hassan Odeh and his brothers famously quit Ahmadiyya in 1989-1991 era, their father was the Ameer at Kababir, he remained an Ahmadi. However, by 1998, Mirza Tahir Ahmad was openly calling the entire jamaat at Kababir as rebellious an islamic, he also mentioned how the Ameer wasn’t listening to him or the Murrabi. Ikrima Najami is another ex-Ahmadi from these first few people. Hani Tahir was their friend and he was around them for many many years, he is also an ex-Ahmadi. Another cousin of theirs, Abu Muhammad apologized for boycotting them back in the early 90’s when he was a teenager.

By 1970, the population of Kababir had swelled to 750 people, men, women and children (600 Ahmadi’s, 50 Muslims, and 100 Christians, see Register). They don’t seem to be religious at all. Ray Register explains how there was a Baptist Center in Kababir that he preached out of in the 1960‘s. In 1972, an Israeli explained how all the Qadiani-Ahmadi-Arab-Israeli’s were eligible for military service.

By the 1980’s, most the Arab-Israeli-Qadiani-Ahmadi’s had left Ahmadiyya and married non-Ahmadi’s. By the 1990’s, we estimate that there were less than 50 chanda paying Ahmadi’s. In fact, the area is so small, how can 100 people come for prayers on a Friday, they would never find parking.

Sharif Odeh seems to be the most prominent Qadiani-Ahmadi living in Kababir in 2023.

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