In 2023, none of the grandchildren of Muhammadi Begum and Sultan Muhammad are Qadiani-Ahmadi, they are Muslims.

Muhammadi Begum died on 19 November, 1966, at Lahore, her funeral prayer was led by Molana Shahabuddin of Chowburji who was a disciple of Shaikhul Hind Molana Mahmoodul Hasan. She was buried in Qabrustan Miyani Sahib Lahore. Her grave was recently found by Khalid Mateen and his team of workers.

The Ahmadiyya Movement lie and claim that some of her children converted to Ahmadiyya, that is not true. All of her grandchildren are now Sunni-Muslim and have no connection with Qadianiat.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ Her children

son–Mirza Ishaq (rumored to have converted to Qadianat in 1930)(he managed the properties of the family)
son– Muhammad Asif Baig (worked in government service in Lahore)
son–Muhammad Ashraf Baig (worked in government service in Lahore)
son–Akbar Baig (worked in government service in Lahore)
son–Akhtar Sultan (worked in government service in Lahore)
daughter–married to her first cousin on her father’s side, Said Muhammad Baig (see his letter herein)

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