Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had two sons from his first wife, which he neglected, those sons were pretty much raised by their uncle and Grandfather. MGA was not allowed to raise them. In 1883, half of the family fortune fell into the lap of MGA, while the other half was given to MGA’s eldest son, Mirza Sultan Ahmad, this was only because he had been adopted by MGA’s brother and there were specific instructions to carry this out. Further, in 1892, MGA forced Mirza Fazl Ahmad to divorce his wife in terms of the Muhammadi begum saga (see dard, page 334 and pages 330-331). Mirza Fazl Ahmad seems to have initially indicated that he would comply, most likely out of some financial arrangement. In Dard, his name is spelled as Mirza Fadl Ahmad.

Mirza Fazl Ahmad married a daughter of Mirza Sher Ali Baig in roughly the early 1880’s

MGA most likely attended the wedding function and the girl must have moved to Qadian. Her name was Izzat Bibi (see Dard, page 333). Mirza Fazl Ahmad and Izzat Bibi had no children.  Mirza Ali Sher Baig was MGA’s brother-in-law from his first marriage. Mirza Ali Sher Baig was MGA’s first wife’s elder brother. Mirza Fazl Ahmad thus married his first paternal cousin. Eventually, Mirza Fazl Ahmad didn’t divorce his wife per the order of MGA, thus upsetting his relationship with MGA and being excluded from all inheritance.

Mirza Fazal Ahmad died in 1904
Mirza Fazl Ahmad seems to have disappeared from the scene altogether after 1892. I had done some research on this and found out that he died under mysterious circumstances by 1904 in Montgomery (sahiwaal), British India, most likely of plague, the body was not sent to Qadian. 

MGA boycotted the funeral
After the split of 1914, Mahmud Ahmad began to tell Ahmadis it was unlawful to pray for dead Muslims, since they were Kafir according to MGA and his sons.  Whereas the Lahori-Ahmadis disagreed.

I will type more of this out in the next few days, however, here is the source.  It is a book by Muhammad Ali from 1922, wherein he quotes Mahmud Ahmad’s book of 1916, Anwar-i-Khilafat.  To get the original source we will have to get a scan of that book and translate the relevant portions.

The reference comes from Muhammad Ali’s 1922 book entitled, “Heresy in Islam”, in this book he really attacked Mirza Mahmud Ahmad and his writings on the topic of Mirza Fazl Ahmad and his untimely death in 1904.

See pages 82-89

Muhammad Ali references “Anwar-i-Khilafat” (1916)
It took Muhammad Ali 6 years to specifically respond to Mahmud Ahmad on this point.  Nonetheless, he writes as follows:

“Mian Mahmud Ahmad tells us that the founder praised the obedience of the deceased yet did not offer funeral prayers for him.  The conclusion has been drawn from this instance is that according to the Founder funeral prayers for people who had not formally taken the oath of allegiance, though they admitted the truth of his claim, was unlawful” pg 83

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