Mirza Aziz Ahmad, was the eldest grandson of MGA, his younger brother was Mirza Rashid Ahmad,  Mirza Rashid Ahmad (born in 1903) was married to Amtul Salam Sahiba, they had a daughter that was eventually married Mirza Tahir Ahmad. Her name was Asifa Begum (married to mirza tahir ahmad 1957–1992), they were married on the 5th of December, before Mirza Tahir Ahmad left for the UK, she was married to Mirza Tahir Ahmad for 35 years. They had 4 daughters, Shaukat Jehan, Faiza, Yasmin Rehman Mona, Atiatul Mujib Tooba and one daughter who died in infancy. Asifa Begum died of pancreatic cancer on April 3rd,1992. 

The date of his death is unknown, he was alive as late as 1965 and conducted the election ceremony of the 3rd Khalifa, Mirza Nasir Ahmad.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The 2 sons of Mirza Sultan Ahmad
Mirza Sultan Ahmad seems to have never been home, it seems that Mirza Aziz Ahmad and his younger brother were raised in the same house wherein MGA and his entire team and families were living, or on an opposite side, its a really a mystery. Nevertheless, by 1909, Mirza Sultan Ahmad was an ‘Extra-Assistant-Commissioner”, this is a person who makes sure that land-taxes are properly collected. He worked extensively for the British government from 1883 to roughly 1930. Mirza Aziz Ahmad’s birthdate is unknown, as is his mother, one of Mirza Sultan Ahmad’s wives was the daughter of MGA’s first cousin, Mirza Imam ud Din. The date of this marriage is also unknown.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________His bait with MGA?

He seems to have taken bait with MGA in 1906, however, the reason is not given, he lived right next door to MGA and his family and must have known them very well, his father, Mirza Sultan Ahmad was never home in Qadian, he was always working and thus on the road.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________His wife and children

His wife was Sharifa Begum, she was the eldest daughter of Hazrat Mir Muhammad Ishaq Sahib


Son-—-Mirza Sa’eed Ahmad aka Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, in 1964, he married the sister of the current Khalifa, Mirza Masroor Ahmad. He has three sons and two daughters. Two sons are life-devotees. Mirza Fazl Ahmad is the Nazir Ta’leem (director of education) in Rabwah, whereas Mirza Nasir Inam is the principal in the Jamia here in UK. Mirza Ihsan Ahmad is in America. Even though he has a secular job, he is also serving the Jama’at there as the finance secretary in the national ‘Amila (administrative body) as well as the Officer Jalsa Gah. One of his daughters is married to Mir Mahmood Ahmad Sahib, son of Mir Mas’ood Ahmad Sahib. He is also a life-devotee and currently serving as the Nazir Sehat (director of health).

Daughter–-Naseera Begum,

Son—-Mirza Khursheed Ahmad,


Some references

” In a dream that I saw on October 20, 1899, I saw a boy whose name was ‘Aziz and his father’s name began with Sultan. That boy was brought before me and was seated before me. I noticed that he was slim of body and had a fair complexion. My interpretation of the dream is that ‘Aziz means one who is honoured; and Sultan, who in the dream was understood to be the boy’s father, means a conclusive reason or argument such as is self-evident and carries its appeal to the hearts on account of its shining brightness. Sultan derives its meaning from authority and is not applied to every kind of argument but only to such a one as takes possession of the hearts on account of its acceptability and brightness and completely rules over gentle and reasonable minds. Thus the interpretation of the dream is that a Sign which will take possession of people’s hearts will be shown and its result, or, in other words, its child, will be that I will become dear to the hearts of people and this has been shown allegorically in my dream in the shape of ‘Aziz.” (Appendix, Tiryaqull Qulub, No,4 Page 2 footnote, Ruhani Khazain Volume 15, Pages 505,506 and Announcement of October 22, 1899, Majum’ah Ishtiharat, Volume 3, Pages 172-173)


Hazrat Mirza Bashir Ahmad stated:


Hadrat Sheikh Ya‘qub ‘Ali ‘Irfani ra writes: “The said dream has been published with a symbolic interpretation. He said clearly that he had seen ‘Aziz Ahmad son of Mirza Sultan Ahmad. (al-Hakam, March 10, 1906 page 1)


This is how the dream was fulfilled. At the end of February 1906, about six years after the dream, Hadrat Mirza ‘Aziz Ahmad, son of Hadrat Mirza Sultan Ahmad took the pledge of allegiance at the hand of the Promised Messiahas and joined the Ahmadiyyah Jama‘at. The fact that Mirza ‘Aziz Ahmad is shown in the dream in relationship to Mirza Sultan Ahmad also shows that it was destined that Mirza Sultan Ahmad would join the Jama‘at and thus become a spiritual, as well as physical, son. Alhamdulillah, he took the bai‘at at the hand of his younger brother Hadrat Khalifatul Masih IIra and joined the Jama‘at of the Promised Messiahas ” (Tadhkirah, Page 445)

February 1914
He seems to have written an english translation in this edition of the ROR.

14 October 1947:
Hazrat Mirza Aziz Ahmadra was called back to Lahore from Qadian upon the instructions of Hazrat Musleh-e-Maudra. Jalaluddin Shams Sahib took his place and began his responsibility as amir-e-muqami, Qadian.

He conducted the election ceremony of the 3rd Khalifa, Mirza Nasir Ahmad.

His son died recently, –Feb–2018
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