In 2023, on a livestream, he mis-pronounced 81:4 of the Quran, saved on youtube too. There is more, see herein. In the same clip above, This Ahmadi scholar is no better in Arabic either: He says Wala tatrakana-l Qilaasu When correct is ولَتُتْرَكَنَّ القِلاصُ فلا يُسْعَى عليها Wala TUTrakanna.

Tamim Abu Daqqa is a Jordanian convert to Qadianism, he seems to have converted about 20 years ago, however, his mother and brothers didn’t convert, although Tamim Abu Daqqa lies about this. He seems to have been the Qadiani resident expert on MTA-3 (Arabic) since at least 2013. Qadiani’s launched the Arabic channel in 2007. Nevertheless, Tamim Abu Daqqa doesn’t seem to have went to any accredited college or islamic institution, and thus, he is discredited. His wife is Fajr Ataya.

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