In 2023, there don’t seem to be any Ahmadi’s in Jordan, maybe 1 or 2 working on contract. In 1989, when Hassan Bin Mahmood Odeh quit Ahmadiyya, a journalist named Abu Nab contacted him and told him that the President of the entire Jordan jamaat of Ahmadi’s (a man named Taha Kazak) had quit Ahmadiyya in court. This was confirmed by Qadiani-Arab’s on my recent stream (22:08 timestamp and  ). This Taha Kazak character could be related to Mutaz Kazak, who is a professor in Jamia Ahmadiyya Canada, and his brother was Luay Kazak who passed away on December 10, 2020. You can see Mutaz Kazak recited the Quran herein.

In 1971, a Qadiani-Ahmadi, Commander Dr. Abdul Latif met His Majesty the King Hussain of Jordan in April 1971 while his son Air Commodore (R) Rashid A. Bhatti, a recipient of “TOP GUN AWARD” (1961) from United States Air Force (USAF) Advance Fighter Flying Academy, Luke Air Force Base, Arizona, was deployed in Jordon as member of the Pakistan Air Force contingent.

In 1974, a few days after the government of Pakistan declared Ahmadi’s as non-Muslim, a Jordanian council of ulema met and declared Ahmadi’s to be Non-Muslim in Jordan. (See Akhbar al-alam al Islam, dated Sep-17-1974, no. 395, page 6, quoted also via Munir Ahmed in Orient 16 (1975): 142-143, n.97, via Friedman).

In the 2000’s, a Jordanian man named Tamim Abu Daqqa converted to Qadianism and began working on MTA-3 (arabic channel). In 2023, Khalid Safir seems to be living in Jordan and has given updates, he alleges that there are 100 Ahmadi families (a lie).

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