In Izala Auham, Part-1, MGA claimed that he got “special inspiration” (khas ilham) that Eisa (as) was dead and thus he unraveled this via ilham, not studying books and etc. MGA seems to be arguing about the techniques that should be employed vs. the Christian’s and their missionaries. MGA was urging his followers and the general public that they shouldn’t engage in any other argument, just stick to the alleged death of Eisa (as).

4 years laters, in “Itmamul-Hujjah”, MGA again claims (see the full ref in the below) that he was told the secret by his God about the death of Eisa (as).

Izala-e-Auham, Ruhani Khazain, Vol. 3, p. 402, See Al-Hakam archives

“””O God, O my Almighty God, help me that people have taken the ways of excess and extravagance. Some have completely abandoned the Teachings of your Words, the Signs of your Words, the Proofs of your Words, and adopted baseless lines and have preferred such. And some have left your Words and changed lines and are following their own nonsense thinking and have made such their guiding leader and have abandoned the Imam-ul-Rasul and made the European dark minded philosophers their Imam.

O my friends! Now listen to one of my last wills and let me tell you a secret, remember this well, that you change your stance in all your debates with the Christians and prove to the Christians that in reality the Messiah son of Mary has died forever. This is only one debate in which, by winning, you will wipe out the ranks of the Christian religion from the face of the earth. There is no need for you to waste your precious time in other long arguments. Emphasize only the death of Christ the son of Maryam and silence the Christians with forceful arguments. When you prove that Christ died and is among the dead and engrave it in the hearts of Christians, then on that day you will understand that today Christianity has left the world. Certainly understand that until their god dies, their religion cannot die, and all other discussions are in vain with them. There is only one pillar of their religion and that is that until now Christ Ibn Maryam is sitting alive in the sky. Destroy this pillar, then look up and see where Christianity remains in the world. Because God Almighty also wants to destroy this pillar and blow the wind of monotheism in Europe and Asia. Therefore He sent me and revealed (Zahir Kiya) to me by His special inspiration (khas ilham) that the Messiah son of Maryam had died. Hence, His inspiration is that Christ son of Maryam, the Messenger of Allah has died and in his color you have come according to the promise. And God’s promise was in effect: You are with me and you are upon the clear truth. You are correct and appointed to the truth.”””


Ruhani Khazain, Volume 8, Page 274, Atmam E Hujat

“””They left the glitters of the world and its adornments with a vision of perhaps, and
they rose to what they were commanded with submission of heart and happiness of
conduct, and they struggled for the sake of Allah despite weakness from bitterness,
and they were not sitting still. They prayed to Allah wholeheartedly, and they
collected the treasures of the Hereafter and what they possessed in this world as a
wick, and they did not incline to seeking wealth, and they sacrificed themselves to
spread the religion, and they stood in the shadows of the Messenger of Allah, may
Allah bless him and grant him peace, until they became mortals. They sold
themselves seeking to please the Most Kind Lord, and they were content to please
Him by abandoning what was familiar and familiar, and they turned their gaze
away from the world and what is in it, and a great attraction seized them and they
were drawn to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.

As for what follows, know that the brotherhood of Islam requires sincerity and
sincerity of speech, and whoever is given knowledge but hides it secretly is one of
the traitors. The details of sciences are infinite, their truths cannot be counted, there
is no obstacle to their emergence, and there is no right to their turn, and how much
knowledge is left to others. My Lord has taught me secrets, informed me of
news, made me the reviver of this water, embraced me in His knowledge with
simplicity and breadth, and made me among the heirs of His Messengers. One
of the benefits of His teaching and the gifts of His understanding was that
Christ Jesus, son of Mary, died a natural death just like his brother
messengers. He gave me good tidings and said that the Promised Messiah
they are awaiting, and the Al Masoud Mahdi they are waiting for is you. We will
do whatever we want, so do not be among those who doubt. And he said,
“Indeed, We made you the Messiah, son of Mary.” So he revealed the seal of
his secret and made me one of those with knowledge of the details of the
matter. These inspirations continued, and the good news continued, until I
became reassured. Then I chose the path of the Hazama, and I returned to the
Book of Allah, the Guardian of the Ways of Safety, and I found that he was the first
of the two witnesses. What statement could be clearer than his statement, O Jesus,
I will cause you to die? So look, Allah guided you before you died and made you
one of the insightful ones.

God confirmed this by saying, “When you caused me to die”, think about it, O you
who harmed me and considered me to be among the disbelievers.”
This is a text that cannot be rejected by a word that is well-argued with traces, nor
can an arrow struck in a cross-course wound it, nor”””


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