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Ibn Qayyim, the student of Ibn Taymiyya affirms the same as his teacher in his own book, At-Tibyaan fee Aqsaamil Quran, page 383. In this quote, Ibn Qayyim says that Eisa (as) is alive and hasn’t died, and his food/sustenance is from the category of the food of the angels.

“”…the Messiah, ibn Maryam (as) is alive and hasn’t died. And his food/sustenance is from the category of the food of the angels””. 

We also have another quote from Hidaayatul Hiyaarraa, page 384:

“”Rather Allah raised Eisa (as) up to him, aiding and helping him against his enemies who’s harm failed to reach him. So Allah raised him up to him and kept him in the sky. And he will return to the Earth to avenge against the messiah of misguidance and his followers, to break the cross, to slay the swine and make Islam the highest. And Allah will grant victory through Eisa (as) to the religion of his brother, the one most foremost to him, Muhammad (Saw) the son of Abdullah, upon them both be the best salutations peace.””

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