Mirza Ghulam Ahmad lied on ibn Qayyim in terms of the alleged death of Eisa (as). See the full quote in the below. MGA did acknowledge that Ibn Qayyim believed in the physical descent of Eisa (As). Thus, MGA was stuck in a quagmire, MGA was accusing them of believing in the death of Eisa (as) and his physical descent.

MGA also lied about the beliefs of the teacher of ibn Qayyim, i.e., Ibn Taymiyyah. MGA also said that Ibn Taymiyyah believed that Eisa (As) died and in his physical return. Obviously, the first part is a lie. Feel free to read about Ibn Taymiyyah on 3:55, 4:158, 39:42, 3:144, 5:117 and 6:60.

Sirrul Khilafah (
See page 95

“””You are aware that Imam Malik, Ibn Qayyim, Ibn Taymiyyah, Imam Bukhari and many other Muslim Imams and eminent scholars have acknowledged the death of Jesus while at the same time believing in his descent in the Latter Days, as foretold by the Holy Prophets They denied neither of these statements nor objected to them. They left the details of these matters to Allah, the Lord of the worlds, and did not argue about them. However, they were followed by unworthy descendants who were ignorant and devious and empty. They argued without knowledge, created discord, were not inclined towards reconciliation, and would declare believers to be apostates.”””


Mirza Ghulam Ahmad lied about 3:144, and the word “all” is not there – ahmadiyyafactcheckblog

In Kitab al-Barriya, MGA claimed that Ibn Qayyim believed in the death of Eisa (As)(this is a total lie).

Kitab-ul-Bariyyah, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 13, pp. 219-226 footnote, via Essence of Islam, vol.3

The Holy Qur’an has categorically said that Jesus (peace be on him) had died. The verse:

3:144 of the Quran

clearly establishes that Jesus (peace be on him) died. Sahih Bukhari furnishes proof on the authority of Ibn-e-‘Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) that, in this verse, the expression Tawaffi connotes death. It is utterly wrong to suggest that the expression Tawaffaitani, which
is in the past tense, should be construed to indicate the future, that is to say, that Jesusas had not yet died but would die in the latter days. The purport of the verse is that Jesusas would submit that his people did not go astray in his lifetime but were led astray after his death.
If it is assumed that Jesus (peace be on him) is not dead, it will also have to be acknowledged that the Christians have not yet gone astray, because the verse clearly states that they went astray after the death of Jesusas. Only those who are utterly bereft of faith can deny such express authority.

Seeing that the Holy Qur’an affirms the death of Jesus (peace be on him) and designates the Holy Prophetsa as the Seal of Prophets, and Hadith confirms both these verities and also states that the Messiah who is to come will be one of the Muslims, the question arises as to how such a consensus could have reached that Jesusas would descend bodily from heaven in the latter days? The answer is that there never was such a consensus, and anyone who claims to the contrary must either be extremely stupid or dishonest. The companions of the Holy Prophetsa
were in no need of looking into the details of this affair.

According to the verse: 5:117

they believed that Jesusas had died. That is why when Hadrat Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him), perceived at the time of the death of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) that some people were in doubt concerning his death, he emphatically affirmed
that all Prophets had died and no one of them was alive. He recited the verse:


Not a single person questioned his statement. Then there is Imam Malik, a great Imam, a reputed scholar of the Qur’an and Hadith and a righteous one; he believed that Jesusas had died. So did Imam Bin Hazam whose high status is well known, and so did Imam Bukhari whose compilation of Ahadith is known as the truest book after the Book of God. In the same way, the learned Muhaddathin and commentators Ibn-e-Taimiyyah and Ibn-e-Qayyim, who were the Imams of their respective ages, believed that Jesusas had died. The Chief of the Sufis, Sheikh Mohy-ud-Din Ibn Al-‘Arabi very clearly stated in his commentary that Jesusas had died. The same has been the case with leading scholars, Muhaddathin and commentators. All the Imams and scholars of the Mu‘tazila held the same view. It would, therefore, be a daring invention to say that the bodily ascent of Jesusas to heaven and his expected descent has been a matter of consensus.

These are the beliefs of the people of the time when thousands of innovations had found their way into Islam. These were the middle ages which are described by the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) as Faij-e-A‘waj. It is concerning these people that he

‘They are not of me and I am not of them.’

In adopting such a belief, they transgressed from the Holy Qur’an in four ways. They cannot cite any verse or any Hadith in support of the fiction that Jesusas had ascended bodily to heaven. They deceive the common people by adding the word heaven to the word Nuzul, whereas it does not occur in any Hadith whose accuracy is beyond doubt. In Arabic, the word Nuzul merely means ‘arrival’, like the arrival of a traveller. In our own country, the equivalent of Nuzul is used for the arrival of a stranger and no one has the slightest notion that such a one descends from heaven. A thorough search of the books of Hadith of all Muslim sects would not produce a single Hadith of any kind stating that Jesusas had ascended bodily to heaven and would return to earth in some later age. If anyone should set forth such a Hadith, we are prepared to pay him as much as twenty thousand rupees as penalty; we shall also publish a confession of our mistake and burn all our books. Let anyone who wishes come forward to satisfy himself.”””
Allegedly, Ibn Qayyim : Jesus Ascending at the age of 33 is Not Supported


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Allegedly: Zad al Maad : Ibn Qayyim the Prophet (Sa) Met Souls in Miraj, not Bodies

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