In British-India, anti-government sentiment was not allowed, freedom of speech was not allowed, freedom of religion was only allowed to let the Christian missionaries in and to divide the Indian Muslims and Hindu’s. Thus, Batalvi wrote Pro-British, since he had no other option, however, this was all lip service, Muslims weren’t authentically supporting the British. In the below, you will see some scans from the Ishaat us Sunnah magazine, wherein Batalvi talks about MGA. The quote from Vol. 16 seems to be from 1896-97.

On the other side, Ahmadi’s were authentically supporting the British Government and even gave Quranic evidence, like 4:59.

Ishaatus Sunnah, Vol 16, page 168

“His deception is proved by the fact that in his heart he considers it lawful to put an end to the authority of a non-Muslim government and to plunder its belongings …Therefore, it would not be proper on the part of the Government to rely on him and it would be necessary to be aware of him, otherwise such harm might be suffered at the hands of this Mahdi of Qadian as was experienced at the hands of the Sudanese Mahdi…”

Otherwise, this Mahdi Qadiani is likely to be harmed as much as it was not done by Mahdi Sudani.

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