Fakhr al-Din al-Razi naturally puts all the views together and supports the view that Eisa (as) was raised up to Allah alive (4:158, Rafaa-hoo). Body and soul (See Tafsir al-Razi, Vol 8 and vol 11). Excellent explanations for tawaffaa and istawfaa (See 83:2). References to being taken up through an opening in the roof and more (via Ibn Abbas, via Ibn Kathir). That every Jew and Christian in the end of time must believe in Eesaa AS before the death of Eisa (AS)(See 4:159).

Furthermore, Fakhruddeen talks about taqdeem wat-ta-kheer. He also dismisses the biggest and main Qadiyaani argument that the return of Eesaa AS doesn’t break the finality of prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Thus, he considers the Qadiyaani claim to be weak/flimsy (See Tafsir al-Razi, Vol 8 and vol 11).


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